Key Android and iOS Accessibility Features

Key Android and iOS Accessibility Features

Accessibility features play a pivotal role in ensuring that smartphones and other electronic devices are not only functional but also inclusive for individuals with disabilities. In today’s digital age, where technology has become deeply ingrained in our daily lives, the … Read More

Exploring SwiftUI’s ScrollTargetBehavior: Elevating Your UI to the Next Level

Exploring SwiftUI’s ScrollTargetBehavior: Elevating Your UI to the Next Level

The advent of SwiftUI has been a revolution in the world of iOS development, simplifying UI creation with its declarative syntax and powerful features. The introduction of ScrollTargetBehavior in SwiftUI is another leap forward, promising to further streamline the development … Read More

iOS App modularization with Apollo and SPM

iOS App Modularization with Apollo and SPM

Introduction In the modern development landscape, GraphQL has revolutionized the way we think about APIs and data retrieval. When it comes to iOS development, integrating GraphQL can be a breeze, thanks to libraries like Apollo. But how do you take … Read More

From ViewModel to Compose Presenter

From ViewModel to Compose Presenter: The New Form of State Management

Commonly, we manage the state logic in an Android ViewModel by applying MVI or MVVM, and we may combine a number of asynchronous data elements to create the state of the view. Some of this data does not change, some … Read More

Making apps more accesible: an introduction to the new accesibility audit test for ios

Making Apps More Accessible: An Introduction to the New Accessibility Audit Test for iOS

A Brief Introduction to Accessibility When it comes to mobile applications, particularly on iOS, ensuring accessibility has become an integral part of the development process. Apple, the creator of iOS, has been a long-time proponent of accessibility, emphasizing its importance … Read More

Gradle version catalogs on Android

Gradle Version Catalogs on Android

Introduction: Gradle version catalogs Gradle version catalogs allow us to add and maintain dependencies in an easy and scalable way. Apps grow, and managing projects with several development teams increase the compilation time. To address this issue, one potential solution … Read More

Studio Bot: An AI for Android Studio

Studio Bot: An AI for Android Studio

Introduction Every year, Google holds its Google I/O event, an annual developer conference, where the company unveils and showcases its latest developments, technologies, and products. This year, Android Studio’s artificial intelligence add-on was presented to compete with other tools such … Read More

Migrating retrofit to Ktor

Migrating Retrofit to Ktor

Introduction Communication between Android applications and servers is a critical aspect of application development, and choosing the right tool to perform this communication is fundamental. Until now, Retrofit has been the standard for excellence.However, in recent years an interesting alternative … Read More

Android app development services: best practices

Android App Development Services: Best Practices

Thinking about starting your own Android app development project? To offer successful Android App Development Services, it is crucial to take into consideration best practices. The implementation of best practices can lead to better app performance, scalability, security, compatibility, and … Read More

8 useful software libraries for ios app development

8 Software Libraries for IOS App Development

If you are into software development, you must know by now how helpful software libraries are, not only to save you time but also to save you many headaches when it comes to delivering ​​mobile application development services. In today’s … Read More

Wordle app in jetpack compose

Creating a Wordle app in Jetpack Compose

Part 1: Let’s start with the domain and the first visual component of our Wordle app By now, you have probably heard of Wordle, an app that gained popularity in late 2021 and continues to attract thousands of users to … Read More


Implementation of CI & CD in Android

CI & CD is a software development practice most mobile developers in team projects use daily, however, most times the Version Control practices (or git branching strategy) as well as the automated testing/deployment is already established and will only require … Read More

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