8 useful software libraries for ios app development

8 Useful Software Libraries for IOS App Development

If you are into software development, you must know by now how helpful software libraries are, not only to save you time but also to save you many headaches when it comes to delivering mobile application development services. In today’s … Read More


Basic implementation of CI & CD in Android development

CI & CD is a software development practice most mobile developers in team projects use daily, however, most times the Version Control practices (or git branching strategy) as well as the automated testing/deployment is already established and will only require … Read More

Apiumhub BLOG 4

Android App Modularization: 4 Useful Tips to Start

Introduction Android app modularization refers to the process of breaking down an Android app into smaller, independent modules. These modules can be thought of as building blocks that can be combined to form the complete app. Each module is typically … Read More

jetpackcompose en

Translating text in JetPack Compose

Context Sometimes there are projects where Android’s native text management system falls short. For example, if we wanted to fix a translation error, adjust an explanation or add a new language without having to deploy a new version of the … Read More


Our experience migrating from Dagger to Koin

Note: this was assembled with koin version 2.0.1, more recent versions have changed some things. Refer to the official documentation for more information: Context We have a legacy project, started by a team from another company, with other standards, … Read More

A Simple Implementation Of Remote Configuration For SwiftUI

A simple implementation of Remote Configuration for SwiftUI

First of all a quick definition of Remote Configuration: It is a way to customize the behaviour of a desired system based on certain parameters that are stored on a remote location. Many well known libraries will give you this … Read More

Security Awareness iOS

Security awareness in an iOS environment

It is really common nowadays for development teams to hurry in order to meet deadlines. One of the first things put aside is the quality of the code in general, but one point that is among the most important ones, … Read More

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