Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence In E-commerce

Artificial intelligence in eCommerce: benefits, statistics, facts, use cases & case studies

Artificial Intelligence is really taking over the world. AI is everywhere now, especially in e-commerce sector; what we are focusing on today in this article. Read on to learn more about the importance of artificial intelligence in eCommerce. Artificial intelligence … Read More

Why Chatbots Are The Future Of M-Commerce

Why chatbots are the future of m-commerce: statistics, benefits, use cases & startups

Conversation drives sales and this is a well-known fact. For customers, it is important to have someone to ask questions and clarify doubts, someone who could guide them and recommend them the best option. Today, conversations can be automated, and … Read More

AI In Logistics

AI in Logistics: 5 troubleshooting use cases

Artificial intelligence is the technology that modifies many fields of activities and it bears a real benefit for various industries. Logistics area is the one where the application of AI shows serious advantages. This article covers how AI in logistics … Read More

The Future Of Sales

5 AI Trends that will change the future of sales

Machine learning and AI-powered projects have been talked of the town for a long time now. Technology keeps moving ahead, and AI trends are no different. And with organizations incorporating AI to enhance their processes, the hype does not seem … Read More

Machine Learning Frameworks For Web Development

5 Best Machine Learning Frameworks for Web Development

Machine learning is a branch of computer science that uses statistical methods to give computers the ability to self-improve without direct human supervision. Machine learning frameworks have changed the way web development companies utilize data. Machine learning algorithms can process … Read More

IoT, AI, Blockchain

IoT, AI, Blockchain: what does the future hold for mobile Healthcare

As technological advancements continue to impact every sector of life, new tech advancements such as IoT, AI, and Blockchain have become a significant part of mobile healthcare too. Electronic patient databases, virtual hospitals, and ambulatory clinics are just some of the … Read More

10 ECommerce Trends

10 eCommerce trends to watch out for this year 2019

Ecommerce is a huge industry. Here are a few mind-boggling numbers for you. According to Statista, sales from eCommerce in 2021 are expected to exceed $4.8 trillion. And how’s eCommerce shaping up in the US? Retail eCommerce sales in the … Read More

“The Fake News” Market ai control

Can AI Control “The Fake News” Market?

Fake news is the reason why the Internet is going in the wrong direction: whether if it’s coming from dodgy websites or from fake social media profiles, putting fake news online is still one of the biggest (if not the … Read More

How A Voice Assistant Can Transform Your Business

Breaking the deadlock: How a voice assistant can transform your business

Intelligent voice assistant will help businesses reduce the burden on their call centers while delivering improved customer service. Most businesses know about and understand that VoIP technology can give them increased flexibility and scalability, improved management and reduced cost. But few … Read More

Cyber Security

Applications of machine learning in cyber security you need to know about

Machine learning is a branch of computer science aimed at enabling computers to learn new behaviors based on empirical data. The goal is to design algorithms that allow a computer to display behavior learned from past experience, rather than human … Read More

Tech Industry

5 AI impacts on tech industry in 2019

The concept of artificial intelligence technology has been around since the 1950s when Alan Turing introduced the Turing Test to prove that a machine could carry on an intelligent conversation with a human. Obviously, there have been a number of … Read More

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence – In math I trust

Artificial intelligence has been shaping our world since the 70’s or even before. There were three big moments of investment going to Artificial intelligence, and those were: Neural networks – statistical machine learning algorithm, which is inspired by the general … Read More

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