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Introduction Many companies are currently immersed in the implementation and use of agile methodologies. And many others have been using these methodologies in all their teams for years.But it is also known that the more popular the use of agile … Read More

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Working With Legacy Code. Is it safe in Agile Environments?

Introduction A lot of companies, want to apply Agile Methodologies in their projects, but at the beginning of most agile coaching projects, we find that our client applications are not properly covered with any kind of automated tests.  In most … Read More


Backend Interview with Ileana Diaz – Backend Developer at Apiumhub

We are continuing with our interview series (previously we had interviewed Diego Ojeda – Android Lead at Apiumhub,  Serhii Zabolennyi – QA Automation engineer at Apiumhub, Javier Gomez – backend developer at Apiumhub, Cuong Le – Backend developer at Apiumhub, Oriol Saludes – Fullstack … Read More