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Backend Interview with Oriol Saludes – Fullstack Developer at Apiumhub

We are continuing with our interview series (previously we had interviewed Diego Ojeda – Android Lead at Apiumhub,  Serhii Zabolennyi – QA Automation engineer at Apiumhub, Javier Gomez – backend developer at Apiumhub and Cuong Le – Backend developer at Apiumhub. Today we … Read More

Software architecture culture

How to create software architecture culture in your team

There are some qualities that differentiate average from high performing software development companies and attitude towards the software architecture culture is one of them. Software architecture culture Based on our experience in Apiumhub, the culture is better and the results … Read More

The Role Of A Software Architect

The role of a software architect

Although there is no an exact and shared definition of what is the service of software architecture, I like to compare it with an architecture of buildings. In the sense that an architect normally has a big picture vision, defining … Read More

Data architecture characteristics & principles

Data architecture characteristics & principles

In information technology, data architecture is composed of models, policies, rules or standards that govern which data is collected, and how it is stored, arranged, integrated, and put to use in data systems and in organizations. Data is usually one … Read More

Software architecture lessons learned

Software architecture lessons learned: interview with Patrick Kua

Apiumhub team has interviewed Patrick Kua – seasoned technology leader with almost 20 years of experience, leading, managing and improving complex organisations and software systems as the CTO and Chief Scientist of N26 (Berlin, Germany) and as a Technical Principal Consultant … Read More

Software Architecture Insights eoin woods

Software architecture insights: interview with Eoin Woods

Let’s continue with our Software Architecture Journey: Key lessons learned series. This month Apiumhub team has interviewed Eoin Woods – Global Software Architecture Summit Speaker  and CTO at Endava, where he leads the technical strategy for the firm, guides capability development … Read More

Software Architecture Trends

What software architecture trends have you noticed this year? Interview with Kenny Baas-Schwegler

Apiumhub team interviewed Kenny Baas-Schwegler – socio-technical and Domain-Driven Design architect @Xebia. Facilitator of visual and collaborative modelling using Deep Democracy Domain-Driven Design to find out key software architecture trends as well as other key software architecture lessons learned over the past … Read More

software architecture recommendations mark richards

Software architecture recommendations by Mark Richards

Apiumhub team organized a software architecture interview with a hands-on software architect we really admire – Mark Richards. Mark is a GSAS speaker, Apium Academy Professor and an experienced, hands-on software architect involved in the architecture, design, and implementation of microservices architectures, service-oriented architectures, and … Read More

Software Architecture Newsletters

15 Software architecture newsletters that are worth your subscription

Apiumhub team’s favourite software architecture newsletters — from career path tips to recommendations, case studies, books, events and interviews with leading software architects.  So you want to keep a close eye on software architecture? Well, the best place to start … Read More

Software Architecture Interview With João Rosa

Software Architecture Interview with João Rosa

Apiumhub team organized a Software Architecture Interview with João Rosa – GSAS speaker, Apium Academy Professor and Strategic Software Delivery Consultant @ Xebia to know more about key issues he has faced in the industry as well as recommendations he would like to … Read More

Software Architecture

15 benefits of software architecture

A lot of people underestimate the importance of Software Architecture and some people just don’t know what it is and what are the benefits of software architecture. Although Software Architecture seems to be very tech and a lot of people think … Read More

20 Software Architecture Podcasts

20 Software architecture podcasts to follow

At Apiumhub we listen to hours of working software and software architecture podcasts each week covering architecture patterns, DevOps and architecture, iOS architecture, Android architecture, Backend architecture, Frontend architecture, etc.  Whether you listen to them on your way to work … Read More

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