The Future of Software Architecture: GSAS 2023

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GSAS 2023: Recap

The Global Software Architecture Summit celebrated its 3rd edition this year, where we enjoyed a familiar welcome at the Axa Auditorium in Barcelona, marking a remarkable gathering of the world’s most brilliant software architecture experts, practitioners, and enthusiasts.

The conference had a three-day program with a full-day workshop on the last day. The first two days of the summit were dedicated to the main conference talks, which gathered over 550 attendees.

“GSAS 2023 was an outstanding success in our mission to promote quality and innovation in the world of software architecture. We are thrilled to have brought together over 550 software architects from diverse backgrounds and experiences to foster collaboration and learning,” said Ekaterina Novoseltseva, GSAS organizer.

GSAS 2023: Event Photos

GSAS23 Day 1

GSAS 2023: Highlights

The summit showcased a stellar lineup of speakers such as Mark Richards, Eoin Woods, Neal Ford, Nathaniel Schutta, Ben Evans, Jacqui Read, Daniel Selans, Nick Tune, Diana Montalion, Amal Tahri, Sonya Natanzon, Vlad Khononov, Andrea Magnorsky, Niklas Gustavsson, and Pratik Patel. Speakers focused on bringing forward essential practices, innovation, working software, and practical solutions. Attendees were treated to a wealth of knowledge, experiences, and insights that are crucial to staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving software architecture landscape.

In Mark Richards’s view, “This is a chance to bring architects and developers together to be able to talk about software architecture. This is my third year speaking at the Global Software Architecture Summit, and I love seeing the energy—just the growth. The attendees are fantastic, as are the speakers. So far, it has been a fantastic experience“.

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GSAS wasn’t just about technical talks and workshops; it was also about fostering a sense of community and fun. Attendees had the opportunity to connect with like-minded peers and engage in meaningful discussions. The summit provided an environment that encouraged networking and camaraderie, as well as some well-deserved relaxation. With snacks, beverages, and lively interactions, GSAS 2023 delivered on the promise of a holistic experience.

“This is a great event. Apiumhub has done a fantastic job pulling so many people together from so many places and so many great experts to learn from. It’s a unique resource in the software architecture world,” added Eoin Woods.

Another aspect to highlight is the diversity of participants who attended the event. This year, attendees came from 37 countries, including Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United States, Russia, Germany, Spain, and many more. One advantage of having attendees from all over the world is the opportunity for a diverse and rich exchange of ideas and experiences. When participants come from various countries, they bring with them different cultural perspectives, problem-solving approaches, and technological insights. 

Neal Ford believes that “dedicated single-track conferences are around a very tight theme like software architecture, and this is no exception. A lot of really fantastic speakers, a lot of great insight, and a lot of quite varied talk. So it keeps it interesting as the day goes on to see the variety and breadth of software architecture on display”.

GSAS 2023: Attendees

GSAS was an outstanding success, thanks to those who joined for the event. Their enthusiasm, engagement, and passion for software architecture were truly inspiring. The knowledge-sharing, discussions, and connections made during the summit were nothing short of amazing. This year, multiple profiles stood out, including software developers (34%), software architects (22%), senior software developers (18%), tech leads (10%), engineering managers (6%), IT managers (6%), principal engineers (2%), CTOs (1%) & independent consultants (1%).

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GSAS 2023: Event Sponsors

The success of the Global Software Architecture Software could not have been possible without the support of the incredible sponsors. A big thank you goes out to every individual for assisting the organization in bringing together software architects from around the world to share knowledge, ideas, and expertise. Apiumhub, the organizer of the event, looks forward to the opportunity to work together again in the future and continue to promote excellence in software architecture.

GSAS23 Day 2 (October 10th)

Thanks to all the sponsors for making this event possible:

GSAS 2023: Conclusion & Takeaways

The success of GSAS 2023 is a testament to the growing importance of software architecture in the digital age. As software becomes increasingly central to every aspect of modern life, the need for skilled and innovative software architects is greater than ever. Global Software Architecture Summit serves as a platform for those in the field to stay current, forge connections, and push the boundaries of what is possible in software architecture.

The organizers would like to thank all the participants, speakers, sponsors, and volunteers for making GSAS 2023 an unforgettable and enriching experience. As GSAS continues to grow, it will undoubtedly remain a pivotal event in the world of software architecture.

As Vlad Khononov states “It’s a very interesting conference because it has a central theme. So all talks are focused on new practices and relevant things, and I see that it resonates with the crowd because people are interested in those topics. And the presenters themselves are recognized masters in this field. So yeah, I like this conference”.

To learn more about the Global Software Architecture Summit (GSAS) and stay updated on future events, please visit

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