Interview With Mark Richards at the Global Software Architecture Summit

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Mark Richards, an experienced, hands-on software architect and co-author of the books “Fundamentals of Software Architecture” and “Software Architecture: The Hard Parts”, frequently participates in software conferences around the world. Last October, he traveled from the United States to Barcelona to attend the Global Software Architecture Summit and present his talks “Testing Software Architecture” and “Understanding the Differences Between Modularity and Granularity”.

The Global Software Architecture Summit is an event that brings together hundreds of software architects from different countries to promote quality in the world of software. Mark attended the first edition of GSAS in 2019, and last year he returned to share his knowledge about architecture metrics with all attendees.

Interview with Mark Richards

Briefly introduce yourself

My name is Mark Richards. I am the founder of the website, and also an author and hands-on software architect having just recently written with my friend Neal Ford “The Fundamentals of software architecture” and also “ Software Architecture: the hards Parts.”

What can you say about the Global Software Architecture Summit this year?

It’s wonderful to be here again at the Global Software Architecture Summit. It’s been a long three years, but what I’ve found is that GSAS has grown tremendously. There´s such energy and such a great crowd this year and I am so happy to be back in person speaking at this conference.

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What are the key software architecture insights you could share with GSAS attendees?

Some of the key takeaways that I have seen so far are all about the theme of the conference this year, which is about software architecture metrics and the importance of testing software architecture. Having that observability makes sure that our architectures remain structurally sound and have high levels of integrity.

What software architecture metrics do you normally use?

Some of my favorite metrics happen to be those that are important to the business. Rather than always focusing on something like performance, I focus on those things that are critical to the success of the business and measure those kinds of metrics.

This has been such a wonderful conference. So much energy, so much bigger than three years ago. I can’t wait to attend next year when it’s probably going to be double in size.

Interested in watching more interviews? Apiumhub has a Youtube channel with interviews, testimonials, and talks from the conference.

Interviewing Mark Richards at GSAS 2022

GSAS 2023: The third edition

The third edition of the Global Software Architecture Summit will take place this year on October 9-11 at the Axa Auditorium in Barcelona. Mark Richards will be joining us again this year at our event. Other industry professionals such as Neal Ford, Eoin Woods, Diana Montalion, Amar Tahri, Nick Tune, and more experts will also participate as speakers. 

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