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COVID had some positive impacts on us, one of them is our partnership with Geekle – a company that organizes high-class online software development events. 

We constantly participate in software architecture, DevOps, QA, React, Nodejs, and other events as speakers, sponsors, moderators, or partners. You can check some of the previous events here: 

And in this article, we would like to share with you events organized by Geekle that you absolutely can’t miss this Autumn. 

1.DevOps Global Summit’22 (October 4-5) 


Geekle events are always huge! This event expects to have 5000+ attendees and  20+ speakers from companies like AWS, Okta, Google, Thoughtworks, Red Hat, Github, Microsoft, and many others, for example:

  • Xiang Shen – Cloud Solutions Architect at Google
  • Ben Freiberg – Senior Solutions Architect at AWS
  • Thomas McGonagle – Enterprise Solutions Engineer at Github 
  • Larissa Rosochansky – Delivery Principal at Thoughtworks 
  • Deepu K Sasidharan – Senior Developer Advocate at Okta

The event covers the following topics:

  • Level up Your DevOps with GitHub Actions and Kubernetes
  • How to build a secure DevOps pipeline
  • Learn how to identify Cloud Risks and Threats in Real-Time with Stream Detection 
  • Mild GitOps introductions – your Devs won’t go nuts
  • Tips on how to automate production deployments with GitOps
  • CI/CD best practices for building modern applications
  • A comprehensive guide on how to Build Stateful Workloads in Kubernetes
  • Micro-services and Multi Cluster Managed Kafka
  • Cognitive Continuous Testing in modern DevOps
  • Observability and monitoring, hand in hand approach
  Apiumhub interviews Nathaniel Schutta at GSAS

Apiumhub is happy to form part of key partners of the event together with hopp, ease, aigents, Apix drive, GUID, Packt, itea, Qubit, etc. 

2. iOS Developers Global Summit’22 (October 11-12) 


Another event that we recommend attending is for Swift Developers. 

There will be a lot of famous speakers, such as:

  • Cyril Cermak – iOS System Architect at Porsche 
  • Diego Freniche – Developer Advocate at MongoDB
  • Victor Carvalho Tavernari – iOS Developer at Farfetch 
  • And many others

This event will cover such important topics as:

  • Learn about the latest improvements to the Swift type system and how it changes your code
  • Concurrency model in Swift
  • Learn what’s new in Xcode 14
  • What language changes Swift 5.7 brings to us?
  • Discover Swift 5.7 tooling improvements, new Swift packages, and more
  • What’s new in Swift and C++ interoperability support?
  • Learn about DocC and C++ interoperability with Swift
  • Learn how to use Swift-DocC compiler for Swift frameworks and packages
  • What’s new in Swift Package Manager?
  • How to integrate TOFU (trust on first use) validation into your project
  • Module aliases in Swift 5.7 Package Manager
  • How to write a new PackagePlugin API to generate source code or automate release tasks
  • Swift 5.7 larger generics and concurrency updates
  • String processing explained – Swift 5.7
  • Diving into Swift Regex – from basics to advanced
  • Changes to generics and protocols in Swift 5.7
  • How embracing Swift generics unlocks new potential for your project 

We are very proud to be a key partner of the event! 

3. QA Global Summit (October 18-19)


This edition will welcome QA influencers from all over the world, representing companies like Facebook, ebay, vimeo, Capgemini, RedHat, Raiffaisen Bank and many others. 

  SCBCN 2018: My two cents - part 1

This year very interesting topics will be discussed during the event, for example: 

  • Software development engineers in test (SDETs) as a practice and career path
  • Agile and DevOps in Testing
  • Artificial Intelligence in QA
  • Gain a deeper understanding of mobile testing
  • Scale Tets Automation
  • How to establish metrics to track testing
  • The concept of Rapid Software Testing
  • Testing for the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Discover codeless test automation
  • Testing in Blockchain and Web3
  • Dive into Robotic Process Automation
  • Discover new patterns and mindsets for microservices testing

We participated in the previous edition as speakers and we absolutely loved it, can’t wait to attend this event again! 

4. <React Global> Online Summit (November 8-9)


This event beats the records and expects to gather more than 15000 attendees and more than 30 well-known speakers, such as:

  • Andrey Goncharov – Software Engineer at Meta 
  • Tyler Hawkins – Senior Software Engineer at Adobe 
  • Daniel Afonso – Developer Advocate at OLX Group 
  • And many others…

CFP is still open, so you can apply and give a talk at this massive event! 

And again, extremely proud to be a key partner of the events together with Apix drive. 

5. Worldwide software architecture summit (November 15-16)


This edition is still in the making and you can still submit your CFP, we are preparing our Talk about Christian Ciceri’s chapter of the book “Software Architecture Metrics”:  Private Builds and Metrics: Tools for Surviving DevOps Transitions. Hopefully, it will get accepted and we will see each other there! 

Other topics that will be covered during the event will be eBPF, Design for Sustainability, Design for portability, GraphQL Federation, Data + Architecture, Data Mesh, Policy as Code, Blockchain, HTTP/3, Architecture Decision Records, Dapr & WebAssembly – what’s new for 2023?, Design for security, Design for resilience, Design for observability, Micro frontends, AsyncAPI, Workflow, and decision automation platforms, Low code /no code, Modular monolith, Correctly-built distributed systems, Actor model, GraphQL, Serverless, Service Mesh, Functional programming, Reactive programming, HTTP/2 and gRPC, Event-driven architecture, CORS, Event sourcing, Eventual consistency, Microservices, Domain-driven Design. 

  How to scale your startups in Europe ?

Before the online edition, you have a chance to attend a 100% offline event dedicated to software architecture that will take place in Barcelona (October 3-4). Global Software Architecture Summit will reunite renowned software architects such as Neal Ford, Mark Richards, Michael Feathers, Carola Lilienthal, Nathaniel Schutta, Michael Keeling, Alexander von Zitzewitz, Jacqui Read, and many others. 

6. Angular Global Summit (November 29-30)


This event also has the CFP open, so don’t miss this chance to become a speaker there! You can find info about the previous edition here. 

7. Global Summit for Node.js (December 6-7)

node 1

This event will have an awesome lineup of speakers from companies like Adobe, Microsoft, AWS, Yahoo!, WIX, Siemens, Nielsen, Netflix, Paypal, Red Hat, etc. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to give a talk there, here you have the link for CFP. And if just want to attend it and learn more about TypeScript, Performance, Testing, JavaScript, Security, Large Scale Apps, etc, get your ticket here

We will be there for sure as a proud partner!  

If you are into online events, these events by Geekle are one of the best ones without any doubt. We hope to see you there! 

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