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Is attending more tech events an item on your bucket list for the new year? If so, you cannot miss all the Geekle’s online events of 2024. Geekle started doing online events when offline events were stopped completely during the pandemic in 2020. Their speakers are leading experts from all over the world who are ready to share what challenges software development experts face in their work. Their community has more than 250.000 members!

From cutting-edge technologies to visionary keynote speakers, the Geekle online events 2024 agenda offers a wide range of events that will help you increase your knowledge, enhance your development skills, and network with other professionals. 

At Apiumhub, we have been proud media partners of most of Geekle’s online events since the beginning including the Global Summit for Node JS, the Android Development Global Summit, and the Worldwide Software Architecture Summit. This year, we are also going to be supporting them as media partners in the following events:

Geekle’s online events

GPTcoding for Backend Devs Conf February 20-21

A conference dedicated to backend developers, focusing on the application of GPT models in backend coding and infrastructure, with sessions on AI-driven development tools and best practices. 

AI in Product and Business Analytics Conf – February 27.

Another one of Geekle’s online events. This event explores the role of AI in analyzing business and product data, offering insights into advanced analytics techniques and the use of AI for strategic decision-making. Attend and discover ​​new insights that come from AI tools!

  Lessons learned from the React Global Online Summit 22 - Junior Track

Worldwide Software Architecture Summit March 5-6 

A global summit bringing together software architects and industry experts to discuss the future of software architecture, trends, and best practices in a rapidly evolving tech landscape. This event is aimed at software architects, CTOs, and software developers.

AI in Software Development Conf March 12 

A conference focusing on the use of AI in software development processes, from coding to testing, including case studies and innovative AI-driven development tools.

JavaScript Global Summit – May 7-8

An international gathering of JavaScript developers and enthusiasts, covering the latest in JavaScript technologies, frameworks, and best practices in web development.

React Global Online Summit – May 14-15

A virtual summit dedicated to React, featuring sessions on the latest developments in React technology, its ecosystem, and case studies from leading developers and companies.

AI in QA and Testing – May 28

One of Geekle’s online events that focuses on the integration of AI in quality assurance and testing, discussing new tools and methodologies that leverage AI for more efficient and effective testing processes.

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Interested in attending any of these Geekle’s online events? You can use our code APIUMHUB30 at checkout to get a 30% discount for being part of our community. Also, feel free to join our Slack channel DevHub, to receive more discounts and information on other events related to software architecture, software development, mobile development, and QA. 

Need another reason to attend Geekle’s online events? Check out our article Reasons to attend tech events to get motivated! 

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