Apiumhub becomes a partner of the Global Summit for Node.js 23

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Geekle’s online conference, “Global Summit for Node.js 23,” is back this year, and Apiumhub is a proud partner. 

This conference will be held on January 25 and 26. If one of your New Year’s intentions was to attend more online or in-person tech industry events, this is a great place to start, especially if you work in the roles of CTO, team lead, backend developer, or Node JS developer.

The Global Summit for Node.js 23 will feature over 25 expert speakers, more than 15 use cases, and two tracks, one for experienced developers and another for junior developers. The latter is free of charge. Around 5.000 registrations are expected this year!

Talks and speakers at the Global Summit for Node.js 23

Renowned professionals in the tech industry will share their knowledge and talk about the challenges they face in their work environment. Speakers come from companies such as Microsoft, Red Had, Linkedin, SAP, Adobe, NearForm, and Platformatic. Among them you may find:

  • Rafael Gonzaga – Staff Engineer at NearForm
  • Nikhil Malvankar – Solutions Architect at Red Hat
  • Emanuel Scirlet & Alan Oberto Jimenez – Sr. Cloud Application Architects at AWS
  • Hemanth HM – Senior Engineering Manager at Paypal
  • Manoj Sureddi – Senior Software Engineer at Uber
  • Ahmad Bamieh – SDE at Elastic
  • Erez Voitiz – CTO, Co-founder of sprkl
  • Seyyed Ali Mohammadiyeh – Open-source Maintainer at Github
  • Josh Goldberg – Open Source Developer
  • Carlos Simon – Sr Middleware Consultant at Red Hat
  • Zbyszek Tenerowicz – JS Security Engineer
  • Shay Bratslavsky – Software engineer at memphis
  • Jamal O’Garro – Senior Software Engineer
  • Anton Kalik – Senior Software Engineer at amenitiz
  • …and many more!
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Event Organizer: Geekle

Geekle is the organizer behind the Global Summit for Node.js 23. They are a passionate community of event organizers in Ukraine that hold online events focused on different technologies. Nowadays, Geekle counts more than 200 000 members, 20 communities, 742 hours of content, and 1353 use cases.

Following the pandemic in 2020, Apiumhub began working with Geekle to share these events and support the software development community. Apiumhub not only supports the Global Summit for Node js’23 but also additional Geekle events that will take place in the upcoming months.

For more information about the Global Summit for Node.js 23, check out the event’s page. Senior track tickets are now $275, but the price will go up as the event approaches. We look forward to seeing you there!

Last but not least, If you want to keep up with tech conferences, summits, and meetups around the world, we suggest you keep an eye on Apiumhub´s event calendar so you don´t miss out! 


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