Apiumhub becomes Android Development Global Summit partner!

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Android Development Online Summit by Geekle.us is coming on June 21-22, 2022! 

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Geekle called out the world’s most advanced Android Developers — to equip you with insights needed to upgrade yourself as a professional!

What is waiting for you:

— 2 tracks: Career Track (Free) and Full Access Pass starting from just $49

— 20+ hours of NON-STOP tech talks from world-class speakers 

— 30+ speakers from all over the world

— Live Q&A sessions 

— Interactive workshops

Pro Track is available at an Early-bird price, and Junior Track is available for FREE!

Don’t miss the hottest use cases, the latest trends, and technologies in Android Development.

Check the website to find the talk for you! Register for the event with the promo code — APIUM15, and get 15% off from the full-price admission.

Geekle and Apiumhub collaboration

This year Geekle contacted Apiumhub to offer several possibilities regarding the Android Development Global Summit :  

  • Become a Speaker 

Share our experience, our use cases and case studies. Something that can’t be googled easily. Pain, problems, solutions, something we wish we could know a couple of years ago. 

  • Become a Moderator
    Meet  speakers during online event and have a deep dialogue, asking questions during the Q&A sessions (panels). 
  • Give a workshop
    Give a workshop from 1 to 8 hours length.
  • Partner or Sponsor

Support the event by sharing it with our software architecture community. 

All of the options were very interesting for us, but currently all our Android developers and fully booked and have no time for event preparation, however from the marketing side we are happy to contribute to the event and spread a word about it, becoming event partner. We strongly believe that this is an event that is absolutely worth your time! 

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Let us tell you more about Geekle and the Summit itself…

About Geekle

  • Geekle currently has 180’000+ community members. 
  • 30+ TOP speakers each event
  • 24-28 hours of immersive content
  • Free attendance opportunity

Matrix of Attendees:

Software Developers – 40% 

Senior Software Developers – 20%

Founders, CTOs – 20%

Software Architects – 20%

Geekle’s mission is to deliver valuable content from the world’s top experts to acquaint each developer with insights needed to develop the best web applications.

Here you can see some of the previous  events:

Actually we are partners of most of them, for example: 

  1. Worldwide Software Architecture Summit
  2. Angular Summit
  3. QA Summit
  4. DevOps Summit 
  5. React Summit
  6. Vue.js Global Summit

The program is always based on speakers’ experience and use cases, practical info only. 

Usually Geekle events have the following agenda:

Day 1 – Career track (for attendees who only start the career). It is FREE for attendees. It is streaming on Youtube

Day 2 – Pro track (for more experienced users). Pro track is streaming on Geekle’s platform.

Each speaker has 40-45 minutes for the talk and there are Q&A sessions (panels) after each block.

Attendee demographics:

Europe – 67,5%

Asia – 13,8%

Americas – 13,3%

Africa – 2,6%

Australia & Oceania – 2,9%

Android Development Global Summit

Save the date! Android Development Global Summit, June 21-22, 2022! 

Speakers from Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Red Hat, AWS, etc. 

This event will cover:

  • Latest Jetpack Compose best practices
  • Latest Android Security Features
  • Best practices for Cross-Platform App Development
  • How to develop Blockchain and NFT apps
  • Testing patterns in Android development
  • What’s App modularization?
  • Automation tools for Android apps testing
  • App performance, vitals, and vulnerabilities topics
  • When to use C++ in Android development?
  • Migration
  • Multiplatform
  • Modularization
  • Testing
  • Dynamic Features
  • App vitals
  • Gradle
  • App performance
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Partners of the event

  • Gabimoreno
  • Aigents
  • DNA325
  • Packt
  • ITEA
  • Apiumhub
  • GUID
  • Qubit
  • Swissdevjobs
  • Vihat technologies 

To get your ticket, just click here

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