Apiumhub becomes Data Innovation Summit Partner

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Apiumhub has become a Media partner of the Data Innovation Summit – the most influential data, AI and advanced analytics event in the Nordics and beyond. 

This 7th edition is towards human-centered data and AI-driven innovation, enabling you a brand new hybrid experience ( Onsite: Kista Convention Center, Stockholm | Online: Agorify). Save the dates: 5th & 6th May, 2022. 

Data Innovation Summit

The Data Innovation Summit is the largest and most influential annual Data and AI event in the Nordics and beyond, bringing together the most innovative minds, enterprise practitioners, technology providers, start-up innovators and academics, working with Data Science, Big Data, ML, AI, Data Management, Data Engineering, IoT and Analytics, in one place to discuss ways to accelerate AI driven Transformation throughout companies, industries and public organizations. 

With over 200 Nordic and international speakers in this 7th edition, spread across nine stages, six workshop rooms, 140 TIP session, and plenty of learning and networking activities in the exhibition area, the Data Innovation Summit is the place to be for all professionals and organizations working with utilization of data and AI innovation for enhancing customer experience, improve operational processes, enable future sustainability, reinventing business models, or developing data-driven products and services.

With over 1000 practical case studies presented on the past 6 editions and with new geo events in the MEA and the APAC region, the event is a worldwide movement, ushering the community of data, analytics and AI practitioners across functions, companies, industries, sectors, countries and regions  to collaborate, benchmark, share and innovate.

Data Innovation Summit 2022 edition at glance

  • In-Person & Online
  • Two days of Innovation
  • 2000+ Delegates
  • Eight Stages + DO
  • 100+ Sessions
  • Six workshop Rooms
  • 100+ TIP Sessions
  • 70 Exhibitors
  • 150+ Speakers

The Data Innovation Summit 2022 is constructed so it equally addresses all the elements of data-driven and AI-ready business: data, people, processes and technology. The event is built to be both business and technical, practical and inspirational, realistic and futuristic, educational and exciting, regional and global, live and digital, general and niched, inspiring and influential. It is showcasing some of the best data-driven innovative projects, products, business ideas and technologies, presented by some of the most advanced and innovative organisations in the world.

  Apiumhub as Partner of the Data Innovation Summit 2023 

Data Innovation Summit speakers dive directly into the topic and focus on the key learning points. Listen to case studies from the best and most innovative names in the industry from around the world: 

  • Laurence Moroney- AI advocacy Lead @Google      
  • Hagay Lupesko – Director of Engineering @Meta 
  • Errol Koolmeister – Founder @The AI framework     
  • Toby Balfre – VP field engineering EMEA @databricks    
  • Shubhi Tyagi – Applied scientist @Amazon    
  • Daphne Cheung – Data scientist @The Walt Disney   
  • David Meza – AIML R&D Lead, Sr. Data Scientist People Analytics @NASA      
  • Anders Nyman – Engineering Manager @Spotify 
  • Leva Langenfelde – Data Governance Manager @ Heineken 
  • Max Schultze – Data Engineering Manager @ Zalando 
  • Anh Tran – Data Analyst @ Booking.com 
  • Dr. Maria Papastathi – Head of Operations Digital Transformation @ Shell 
  • Sebastian Kister – Product Team Lead @ Audi 
  • Naveed Ahmed Janvekar – Senior Data Scientist @ Amazon 
  • Robert Valton – Director Advanced Analytics & AI @ Volvo 
  • And others…

Those who can’t make it to the venue, can use Agorify – the leading True Hybrid self-service technology for building engaging online and onsite event experience in one single platform. Through Agorify, delegates will be able to set up their profiles, browse through the schedule, build their own agenda, view live or on-demand presentations, comment, ask questions, vote for favourite questions, take notes, join or create chat discussions, join virtual roundtables, connect with other attendees, schedule meetings, share contacts and much more.

This edition of Data Innovation Summit will cover 9 stages, Data Octagon online programme, 18 workshops and a lot of networking activities: 

  • M1 – Machine and Deep Learning Stage: Technical presentations on deploying Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language processing, Generative Adversarial Network, Transformers, and Artificial Intelligence in projects. Presentations by some of the leading experts, researchers and practitioners in the area.  
  • M2- Data Engineering Stage: Technical track focusing on agile approaches to designing, implementing and maintaining a distributed data architecture to support a wide range of tools and frameworks in production. Focus on Data-Ops, ML Ops, Auto ML, Cloud ML, Fast Data, data pipeline, data lineage, modeling, data flow monitoring, feature extraction and much more.
  • M3 – Cloud Computing & Analytics Stage: Technical and Strategy track focusing on the best practices on leveraging cloud computing and analytics in cloud to lower cost, increase speed, establish better business continuity, enhance collaboration, and enable true deployment on scale. This year’s focus is on cloud economics, cloud management, architecture, hybrid and multi-cloud setup, and much more.
  • M4 – Data Management Stage: Technical and Strategy track focusing on best practices on leveraging data as an enterprise asset and ways of collecting and distributing quality data, while protecting privacy, usage restrictions and data integrity. This year’s focus is on the Data Fabric, Data & Information Governance, Big Data quality, Data Mesh, Data Foundation, master data, warehousing, Data Lake, and much more.
  • M5 – Analytics & Visualisation Stage: On this year’s Analytics and Visualisation Stage, we will focus on the latest methodologies of turning real-time data from multiple sources into insight, Self-Service BI, Visualization of data, Prescriptive Analytics, and much more. As the day passes by the presentations will dive into more in-depth topics and implementation examples.
  • M6 – Applied Innovation & AI Transformation Stage: focusing on Applied analytics to enhance customer experience, improve business process, reinvent business models, and create new ones, AI Transformation and how organizations shift to algorithmic business.
  • M7 – Industrial Analytics & Digital Twin Stage: dedicated to strategy and technical case studies on how heavy asset organizations and manufacturers can develop and use machine data and application-oriented AI applications to improve operational processes, detect and classify anomalies, thereby effectively reducing downtimes and optimize production and everyday operation.
  • M8 – AI Ethics & AI 4 Good Open Stage: covers AI, which holds tremendous power to improve society and our way of life. However, if no bult in a right way and with right purpose can also negatively impact our lives. Welcome to a brand new open stage focusing on AI ethics including explainable AI, transparency, bias control, best example of use of AI for good and much more.
  • On Rise – Nordic AI Startup Stars Open Stage: where some of the most innovative AI Nordic Start-up companies are presented. The companies will have the opportunity to present their innovative products and services built on top of the latest data, analytics and AI technologies.
  • Data Octagon Online Programme – Live streamed program providing insight into current data practices, trends, challenges and opportunities, as well as give overview of the latest technological breakthroughs, and glimpse into the future of data management, analytics and automation. This free program consists of 45-minute panels and will be streamed online on Hyperight youtube and twitter channel.
  • Workshops: Several rooms for short workshops and crash-courses. The sessions are 100 minutes long and will provide training into various organizational, business, and technical topics. The rooms are the lower part of the venue and limited to 24 people per crash-course session. 
  Data Innovation Summit with Gema Parreño - lead data scientist at Apiumhub

This year Apiumhub is proud to become an official partner and contribute to this amazing event. Last year we had our amazing Data Scientist Gema Parreño participating in this event as a speaker for the Machine and Deep Learning Stage, and it was a great knowledge-sharing experience. We can’t wait to attend the upcoming edition! 

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