Apiumhub is Angular Global Summit partner

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Save the date: March 29-30! Online Summit for Angular Developers! 

More than 40 speakers and 10000 attendees are expected, the event is going to be huge with 28 hours of tech talks and leading Angular experts from well-known companies. 

Angular Global Summit is for CTOs, Frontend developers and Team leads who are interested in such crucial topics as: 

  • Backend for Frontend
  • Microfrontend revolution
  • Dependency injection
  • Cypress
  • Angular tests
  • Binding
  • Attribute directives
  • Feature flags
  • Performance
  • Angular architecture

And many others …

Among speakers you may find:

  • Maxim Salnikov – Developer Engagement Lead @Microsoft     
  • Michel Ruffieux – Lead Software Engineer @Jobcloud 
  • Elad Shechter – CSS/HTML Architect @appwrite 
  • Nir Kaufman – Front End Tech Lead @Next 
  • Hava Babay-Adi – Tech Lead @Google    
  • Greg Radzio – CTO @Cobiro 

Apiumhub is very excited about becoming Angular Global Summit partner. We regularly participate in events organized by Geekle and we can’t wait to attend the upcoming edition of Angular Global Summit. We hope to see you there, to get your tickets just click here

For those who don’t know anything about the organizer, let us share a little bit more info about Geekle:

Geekle was created in Ukraine by a Ukrainian team when the pandemic came in 2020. 

One week ago, war came to their streets. Currently Geekle team is hiding in bomb shelters and basements but as long as they have the internet- they still continue developing the Geekle community.Geekle donates every dollar they get from you in March 2022.

All proceeds will go to charity to help Ukrainians in need. Geekle will publicly announce the donated amount. 

  GSAS 2023: The Third Edition

We hope to see you in the Online edition of Angular Global Summit and create interesting discussions, meeting inspiring front-end professionals.

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