Apiumhub is a Vue.js Global Summit partner

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Apiumhub is glad to contribute to the software development community and become a Vue.js Global Summit partner

Vue.js Global Summit

Save the date: May 25-26, 2022

10 000+ registrations expected, 30+ speakers, 24+ hours of tech talks. 

In this event you may expect to see speakers from: 

  • Microsoft
  • Goldman Sachs
  • AWS
  • Bloomberg
  • Philips
  • IBM
  • And many others..

This event will cover the following topics:

  • Composition & Setup API
  • Testing, Unit test
  • Nuxt.js and Vue.js – what’s new, changes, improvements
  • Micro-frontends
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Vue 3 with TypeScript, Vite
  • Vue.js SPA for Security and Scale
  • Building your next app in Nuxt 3
  • Vuenterprise
  • An introduction to Design Language System (DLS)
  • Developing your library with Vite and NPM
  • Server Side Rendering using Nuxt.JS (Vue)
  • Vue Plugin Development
  • The Modern Digital pipeline – the future of Jamstack is composable
  • Managing state in large Vue applications
  • From Zero to Almost Netflix with Vue
  • Vue.js 3 impressions: Why I switched from Vue2 – pros & cons
  • What you need to know about Web Performance

Vue.js Global Summit has an impressive program committee: 

  • Thorsten Lünborg – Core Member at Vue.js
  • Binh Nguyen – Creative Technologist at Accenture
  • Clément Habinshuti – Software Engineer at Microsoft
  • Sanjay Zope – Engineering Manager at Meta
  • And others

Line-up of speakers:

  • Daniel Roe – Framework Architect at NuxtJs
  • Honey Thakuria – Senior Software Engineer at Bayer
  • Mikhail Kuznetcov – Engineering manager at Zalando 
  • Clément Habinshuti – Software Engineer at Microsoft
  • And many others
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Apiumhub became a Vue.js Global Summit partner

We are big fans of events organized by Geekle and we regulatory partner up with them to support such events as: 

  1. Worldwide Software Architecture Summit
  2. Angular Summit
  3. QA Summit
  4. DevOps Summit 
  5. React Summit

See you at Vue.js Global Summit?! 

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