3 Conferences Organized by DevNetwork in August

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August is here, and it is set to be an exciting month for technology enthusiasts, with a range of tech conferences taking place worldwide. These conferences offer invaluable opportunities to connect with industry experts, discover cutting-edge innovations, and gain insights into the latest trends shaping the tech landscape. 

At Apiumhub, we like to support different tech conferences that aim to contribute to the software development community. This month we bring you three conferences organized by DevNetwork,  the world’s developer event community and producer of leading conferences for developers, that will surely interest you. We previously collaborated with them on the Developer Week Europe conference.

Conferences organized by DevNetwork

Developer Week Cloud X

Developer Week Cloud X is a tech conference organized by DevNetwork that brings together over 3,500 Cloud developers, architects, IT infrastructure professionals, and executives building the Cloud ecosystem. It will take place on August 15-16 in San Mateo, CA, and on August 22-23 online.

Among the speakers, you may find:

  • Jeff Martens – Founder and CEO at Metrist
  • Deepthi Panthula – Senior product manager at Intuit
  • Jason Harmon – CTO at Spotlight
  • Matt Spitz – CTO at Vanta
  • Mat Biilmann –  CTO at Netlify
  • Antonio Escalera – Senior platform engineer at Raft
  • Colin Fallwell – Field CTO at Sumo Logic
  • Nicolas Fränkel – Developer Advocate at Apache APISIX
  • Bala Gangisetty – Product leader at Backblaze
  • Sharon Goldberg – CEO and cofounder at CBastionZero
  • C.J. Jameson – Engineer manager at Monte Carlo Data
  • Jiri Kobelka – CEO and founder at Tatum
  • …and many more
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Developer Week Cloud X will have different stages that include live keynote talks, technical workshops, multi-speaker talks, panel talks, and interactive audience Q&A. Attendees will have multiple networking opportunities, including a pre-event reception, conference speaker session Q&A, dedicated networking, and break times, and virtual exhibitor networking. Save the date on your calendar so you don’t miss it!

Would you like to attend? We have FREE open passes for our community members. Simply fill out this form to get yours.


MobileWeek is a tech conference organized to support mobile technology innovation. This tech conference by DevNetwork is targeted at mobile application developers, mobile team managers, mobile growth and strategy professionals, and mobile executives. It’s a great opportunity to hear success stories from tech professionals at top global companies such as Google, Facebook, IBM, LinkedIn, Slack, and more.

The conference is divided into 6 different tracks:

  • 5G, devices, and communication: This includes advancements in mobile devices, innovations in the telecom and carrier sector, and the development of communication infrastructure and technologies.
  • Mobile business strategy and management: Topics related to mobile applications marketing, strategies for business growth in the mobile industry, business models specific to mobile, managing mobile products, overseeing mobile teams, and handling mobile infrastructure and technology stacks.
  • Android development: various areas of focus, such as creating Android applications, developing software solutions for Android, providing services for Android applications, and integrating Android hardware and devices.
  • Mobile networks, hardware, and IoT: includes advancements in mobile hardware, the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, the utilization of mobile APIs, the development of mobile media technologies, the availability of mobile frameworks and libraries, and the utilization of mobile cloud services.
  • iOS Development: focuses on iPhone/iOS application development, iOS software solutions, iOS application services, and iOS hardware/device integrations.
  • Mobile DevOps and analytics: encompasses various aspects, such as ensuring secure and efficient application deployment, monitoring and analyzing application performance, and conducting thorough application testing.
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Interested in attending? DevNetwork has offered us 100 free passes for our community members. Click this link to get your free pass.

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WorldFestival is the third tech conference organized by DevNetwork that will take place this month. This tech conference supports worldwide technology innovation. More than 30,000 participants across 130 nations will attend to discover and learn about the top 1,000 emerging innovations and trends of this year. It will take place on August 15–16 in the San Francisco Bay Area and on August 22–23 online.

WorldFestival will feature:

  • A technology innovation conference: you can attend to hear from more than 200 speakers covering topics about the newest innovations, from virtual reality and blockchain to artificial intelligence.
  • Award competition: besides having the talks, this tech event will also feature a competition in which attendees can discover and vote on the top 1,000 innovations from 6 continents.
  • Expo: like many other tech conferences, WorldFestival will have booths from many companies so that you can get to know them and ask questions.
  • Networking: last but not least, there is no event without networking opportunities! Certain attendees of the conference will be invited to one-on-one chats with top executives, supporters, and contributors.

Would you like to attend WorldFestival? DevNetwork has given us 100 FREE open passes for our community members. Simply fill out this form to get yours. Special thanks to DevNetwork for providing us with all these free passes.

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