Apiumhub participates in JbcnConf as a speaker and sponsor

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One more year Apiumhub sponsors JBcnConf and gives a talk there. In this article, we would like to highlight the best things about the event and key facts that make a difference in the industry! 

Apiumhub sponsors JbcnConf

Let’s start with Apiumhub collaboration with the BarcelonaJug community, we co-organize events in Barcelona and help each other to promote them in our communities. 

BarcelonaJug organizes JbcnConf – an annual event in Barcelona and we strongly support this initiative because everything starting from location to speakers is on a very high level. 

This year we couldn’t miss this chance to get reunited with the Java community and got a stand in CCIB to have face-to-face conversations with developers, speakers, and companies that are eager to grow in the Java field. It was an absolutely amazing experience because we met a lot of like-minded people, who also got interested in Apiumhub software development services and the Global Software Architecture Summit, which will take place in the same venue in October. 

Severn Everett – Backend developer at Apiumhub gives a talk about The Exceptional Performance of Kotlin at JbcnConf

Severn Everett – backend expert in Apiumhub gave a talk about “The Exceptional Performance of Kotlin”.  There is a saying”don’t use exceptions as flow control”, but why? In 2014 Aleksey Shipilëv published “The Exceptional Performance of Lil’ Exception”, an excellent article on the performance characteristics of the exception system in Java and how different exception handling strategies in various scenarios work out to demonstrate why the adagio exists. Since then, the Kotlin programming language has exploded in popularity, and this language introduces new options for handling exceptions, for example, inline classes and sealed classes. With the help of the Java Microbenchmark Harness, this presentation explores the benefits, drawbacks, and performance characteristics of various exception handling strategies that can be employed using these Kotlin features.

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You may find the full talk on our Youtube channel

JbcnConf 2022: record year! 

2022 is a record year! More than 1000 attendees, more than 40 sponsors, 5 tracks, 68 talks, 10 workshops, and 81 speakers! 

Among speakers, you could find very famous software influencers such as Simon Brown, Nate Schutta ( btw, he is coming to GSAS as well and will give a hands-on workshop called “Thinking Architecturally” ), Marit van Dijk, Jason Clark, Ionut Balosin, Ben Evans and others. 

This edition covered very interesting topics that generated a lot of discussions after the sessions: The hidden gems of distributed tracing, Java Next – From Amber to Loom, from Panama to Valhalla, Event streaming applications with Kafka Streams, Spring Kafka, and Actuator (live coding), Performance Testing Java Applications, What the heck is DevRel?, Implementing Kubernetes Operators with Java Operator SDK, Treasure.map(): Functional Programming in JVM-based languages and many others. 

JbcnConf is now DevBcn

Starting from 2023 JbcnConf evolves into DevBcn and will cover not only Java topics but also .NET, golang, frontend, mobile, cloud & more. The location will be different and it will be even bigger than CCIB, DevBcn will be held in La Farga de L’Hospitalet

Save the date! 3-5th July 2023! It’s going to be even cooler, we are definitely not missing it! We hope to see you there 😉 

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