BarcelonaJUG & Apiumhub collaboration: Java events in Barcelona

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We are proud to announce that we became Java Users Group Barcelona partner!

About BarcelonaJUG

The Barcelona JUG is a nonprofit association with a great team and a broad experience in Java technologies. Since 2012, Barcelona JUG has been organizing talks and meetups focused on Java topics, looking forward to spin this technology from Barcelona to the rest of the world.

Barcelona JUG unites a group of geeks from Barcelona who want to share experiences and knowledge related to the IT world and Java in particular. 

Also, BarcelonaJUG organizes JbcnConf in Barcelona – global event that brings speakers from all corners of the world. 

About Apiumhub

Apiumhub is a software development hub with a focus on software architecture and building goal-driven working software. 

Apiumhub is very active in software communities and always tries to participate in innovations  and events. 

For example, Apiumhub has developed VYou – a user management and access management solution that automates repetitive processes and achieves scalability, faster time to market and cost reduction. 

Also, Apiumhub gives courses and organizes practical workshops in Apium Academy

As for the events, Apiumhub regularly organizes software architecture meetups as well as Global Software Architecture Summit in Barcelona. 

BarcelonaJUG & Apiumhub collaboration 

Apiumhub has sponsored JbcnConf and regularly comes to BarcelonaJUG meetups. Some members of BarcelonaJUG came to work at Apiumhub, some have done several courses and workshops in Apium Academy, some have participated in GSAS. BarcelonaJUG and Apiumhub saw that there can be a fruitful collaboration and decided to start with co-organizing Java meetups in Apiumhub office as well as spread the word about upcoming events, for example: 

  Inspirational women in the startup & venture capital space

Upcoming Java architecture meetup organized by Apiumhub & BarcelonaJUG

We are very excited about upcoming co-organized event: 

Save the date! Java Architecture meetup 7th of April at 18:00 in Apiumhub office ( Passeo de gracia, 28, 4th floor ). 

The event will have a panel discussion format where we will discuss:

  • Solid principles
  • Java Architecture
  • Docker
  • DDD
  • TDD
  • Legacy Code
  • Refactoring

Also, we are proud to share with you our awesome line-up of speakers:

– Ignacio Cougil – Senior Software Engineer | Java Champion – Dynatrace.

– Anyul Rivas – Senior Software Engineer – Roche.

– Alejandro Moleiro – Platform Engineering Manager – Adevinta 

– Christian Ciceri – Software Architect – Apiumhub.

– Cristian Cotes González  – CTO – Signa Sports United

To book your spot, just click here

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