A Look at Sonya Natanzon´s Experience at GSAS

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In October 2023, Apiumhub proudly organized the Global Software Architecture Summit in Barcelona, an event that brought together over 550 attendees from 37 countries. GSAS served as a hub for cutting-edge discussions, insights, and innovations in software architecture. Attendees had the unique opportunity to learn from industry leaders like Sonya Natanzon, explore emerging trends, and gain invaluable perspectives that will shape the future of software development. Not to mention, there were plenty of networking opportunities!

Many renowned industry professionals attended the conference to present their insights and ideas, among them Sonya Natanzon, an engineering leader and software architect with many years of experience. Sonya Natanzon presented her talk “It’s a Feature, Not a Bug: A Step-by-step Guide to Architectural Decisions“ which generated a lot of discussion among attendees who valued it as one of the most interesting talks.

During the event, Apiumhub had the opportunity to interview Sonya Natanzon to learn more about her experience at the conference, her interests, and current essential practices in software architecture. Want to know more about her? Keep reading!

Sonya Natanzon´s Experience at GSAS 2023

What are your thoughts on this year’s Global Software Architecture Summit?

It’s huge! Lots of amazing speakers and I am looking forward to the social part of it and the community part of it, interacting with people, and learning from them. That has always been my favorite part and it’s not disappointing this year.

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What are the current essential practices in software architecture this year?

Some of the essential practices that I hear surface are socio-technical concerns, team topologies, empowered teams, and independent teams. I think we’re coming to realize that technologies are great and we should know and understand them, but having teams that can work with them, support them, innovate, and drive them forward is the key.

Which areas in software architecture are you interested in exploring next year?

In the upcoming year, I am looking to work with the sociotechnical aspect so maybe a little bit in a different way, at a different angle. While we all strive to empower teams the reality is frequently a lot messier than we like it to be and we can’t always impact how the team structure is created and how it’s changed. So, if we’re dealing with the team structures, and how they are, and we can’t change them, what can we change to be able to deliver faster and to have effective project spaces? That’s the area that I’m interested in.

Are you interested in watching more interviews like this one with Sonya Natanzon´s experience? Visit our YouTube channel!

GSAS 2024: Join us this year!

Did you miss our event last year? We already have the dates for GSAS 2024! The Global Software Architecture Summit will take place on October 14-16,2024 at the Axa Auditorium in sunny Barcelona. Early bird tickets will be available from January 15th here. Don´t miss the opportunity to learn best practices from top leaders in the industry like Neal Ford, Eoin Woods, Vlad Khononov, Andrew Harmel-Law, Luca Mezzalira, and Christian Ciceri.

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This year’s conference will focus on AI in software architecture. In this year’s conference, the main focus will be on Artificial Intelligence in software architecture. Would you like to share your cutting-edge research, innovative insights, or real-world experience with the global community of software architects if you have anything to contribute? We would love to hear from you here. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!


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