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Customized retrospective dynamics for your goals

Customized Retrospective Dynamics for Your Goals

In our article “Stages Of Agile Retrospective & 7 Popular Techniques,” we delve into what a retrospective entails. Retrospectives play a crucial role by providing a space for reflection and evolution. Retrospective dynamics are not merely meetings; they are key … Read More

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How to organize small teams

In this article I would like to share my experience as a Product Owner supporting one of Apiumhub’s smallest teams. When I joined, the team was formed by: One permanent Backend Developer with some Front End skills. One Front End … Read More

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5 answers about User Stories

On this article we intend to answer 5 questions about US. WHAT is a US? WHY we need a US? HOW would you write US? WHO would write US? WHEN do we need US? WHAT is a US? The User … Read More

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Hypothesis validation

Hi everyone!! This article is based on the scenario presented in our article ‘User Story Splitting‘. If you didn’t have the chance yet to take a look at it, we encourage you to do it before continue with this article’s … Read More

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User Story Splitting

Introduction How many times did you find yourself trying to split an important feature giving some value to the user in each bite. This is something we face in our daily basis and we would like to share with you. … Read More

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Agile development with contractors 

Every day, more companies rely on contractors when they want organizational flexibility but require high skilled resources when crafting digital products. Being able to grow their development force in very short notice without the hassle of training and hiring has … Read More

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Backlog Refinement or Backlog Grooming

In order to get everybody on the team aligned, teams plan the work that should be done in the next sprint. The purpose of sprint planning is to agree on a goal for the next sprint and the set of … Read More

Double loop learning retrospectives

Double loop learning retrospectives

Even well-educated people can struggle to learn from experience. We all know people who have been in the same company for 10 years and claim to have 10 years of experience, but they really have one year repeated 10 times … Read More

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On story points, estimations and user story splitting (Part I)

I decided to write this article because I’ve seen several times that young developers that join companies tend to misunderstand or struggle with the concepts of story points and estimations, and also because I’ve met product teams that in my … Read More

Software Development Project Postmortem

Software development project Postmortem

If you’ve been a part of any software development project, you know things don’t always go as planned. In theory, projects have two possible extreme outcomes: success or failure. In reality, all projects will have a blend of success and … Read More

Top 10 Product Ownership Blogs

Top 10 Product Ownership Blogs

Part of Product Owners’ job is to stay updated with the market trends, needs and evolution. Therefore, we decided to create a list of top Product Ownership Blogs that we believe will make a difference in your day to day … Read More

Kickoff Meeting

Kickoff Meeting

In present-day world, Agile projects require lots of planning and collaborative effort among the team members, in order to deliver high quality product & high customer satisfaction among other benefits of Agile project management. A well-designed kickoff meeting is a … Read More

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