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5 answers about User Stories

On this article we intend to answer 5 questions about US. WHAT is a US? WHY we need a US? HOW would you write US? WHO would write US? WHEN do we need US? WHAT is a US? The User … Read More

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Hypothesis validation

Hi everyone!! This article is based on the scenario presented in our article ‘User Story Splitting‘. If you didn’t have the chance yet to take a look at it, we encourage you to do it before continue with this article’s … Read More

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User Story Splitting

Introduction How many times did you find yourself trying to split an important feature giving some value to the user in each bite. This is something we face in our daily basis and we would like to share with you. … Read More

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On story points, estimations and user story splitting (Part I)

I decided to write this article because I’ve seen several times that young developers that join companies tend to misunderstand or struggle with the concepts of story points and estimations, and also because I’ve met product teams that in my … Read More

How To Write Good User Stories

How to write good User Stories

Good user stories (US henceforth) are a key element in the Agile methodology – It is from the US that we define the functionalities of the application that we are building. The agile methodology is based on the principle that … Read More

How Do User Stories Affect Teams & Product Quality

How do User Stories affect teams & product quality?

You may wonder who has the most influence on quality in software development. Which role is more important than the other? What is the relationship between them? When we talk about agile teams, the Product Team (PT) and Development Team … Read More

User Stories; Tips & Best Practices

User stories; tips & best practices

You might have heard about XP Day – an international conference about Extreme Programming and Agile processes. We’re very happy that Apiumhub’s team in Vietnam had the chance to attend this great and helpful event; XP Day Vietnam. We can … Read More

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