Product Ownership

The Product Owner Role

The product owner role in software development

For most companies switching to the Agile methodology, the Product owner is something new. However every month you see a significant growth in Product Owner demand. Why? We will discuss it in this article, focusing more on the product owner … Read More

Product Definition And Roadmapping

Product definition and roadmapping: from ideas to plans to products

Product definition and roadmapping is a key factor in the success of any product-based company. While most startups begin their activity with a nice idea or detecting a need in the market that has been unanswered and start their development … Read More

Product Ownership Influencers

12 Product Ownership influencers you should definitely follow

Every industry has influencers, who are experts in what they are doing. These people motivate us, inspire us and give an additional push to keep growing and improving. In this article, I would like to share with you leading Product … Read More

Product Ownership Books

Top 9 Product Ownership books

Here are some of the Product Ownership books we read and find very useful. These books capture fundamental theory as well as best practices. This list is relevant for people who start their career as a Product Owner as well … Read More

Product Leader

Product Leader – Not (only) agile

The Product Owner or product leader position is one of the most demanded positions in the market today; most companies understand how critical it is to have someone that holds a clear view of the product and can prioritize user stories … Read More

Product Roadmap Importance

Product Roadmap importance in Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management is a continuous process of planning and guiding project development. Today, one of the biggest myth is that agile development does not conform to long-term planning. In agile software development, the entire agile project is divided and … Read More

Minimum Viable Product

Less Is More – Minimum Viable Product

A lot of startups don’t even know what is MVP (minimum viable product), and begin their business with an idea that they think people need and want. They spend months, sometimes even years, perfecting their product without ever showing the … Read More

How Do User Stories Affect Teams & Product Quality

How do User Stories affect teams & product quality?

You may wonder who has the most influence on quality in software development. Which role is more important than the other? What is the relationship between them? When we talk about agile teams, the Product Team (PT) and Development Team … Read More

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