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How to organize small teams

In this article I would like to share my experience as a Product Owner supporting one of Apiumhub’s smallest teams. When I joined, the team was formed by: One permanent Backend Developer with some Front End skills. One Front End … Read More

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Behavior Driven Development: The methodology that connects the three amigos

The main goal of a software company is to deliver a quality product. We cannot perceive quality without a product in the same way that you cannot deliver a product without quality. Under this premise, we understand that quality is … Read More

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Agile development with contractors 

Every day, more companies rely on contractors when they want organizational flexibility but require high skilled resources when crafting digital products. Being able to grow their development force in very short notice without the hassle of training and hiring has … Read More


Incident management process & tools

Incident management is one of the most critical processes a software development team has to get right. Service outages can be costly to the business and teams need an efficient way to respond to and resolve these issues quickly. For … Read More

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T-shaped teams benefits

This year one of the terms we are hearing more and amore about is the T-shaped teams. One of the most relevant topics to modern companies across all industries is how to foster innovation and best practices in software development … Read More

Software Development Project Postmortem

Software development project Postmortem

If you’ve been a part of any software development project, you know things don’t always go as planned. In theory, projects have two possible extreme outcomes: success or failure. In reality, all projects will have a blend of success and … Read More

Top 10 Product Ownership Blogs

Top 10 Product Ownership Blogs

Part of Product Owners’ job is to stay updated with the market trends, needs and evolution. Therefore, we decided to create a list of top Product Ownership Blogs that we believe will make a difference in your day to day … Read More

Kickoff Meeting

Kickoff Meeting

In present-day world, Agile projects require lots of planning and collaborative effort among the team members, in order to deliver high quality product & high customer satisfaction among other benefits of Agile project management. A well-designed kickoff meeting is a … Read More

Benefits Of Unit Testing

Top 8 benefits of unit testing

As we write a lot about Agile, about CI and TDD, we couldn’t not mention Unit testing and this time we will talk about what unit testing is, why for us it is part of Agile methodology and what are … Read More

Agile Management

Of Gods and Procrastination. Agile management.

The year was 2001. A new methodology appeared in a still young, yet maturing Industry of Software Development. It came with the Agile Manifesto. The new way, the Agile management way, came to break the old, strict, narrow and deep … Read More

The Product Owner Role

The product owner role in software development

For most companies switching to the Agile methodology, the Product owner is something new. However every month you see a significant growth in Product Owner demand. Why? We will discuss it in this article, focusing more on the product owner … Read More

The Unbreakable Product Owner

The Unbreakable Product Owner: a SuperHero in software development

Superman is the most powerful Marvel superhero without any doubt. Ability to fly, X-rays, strength, invincibility … there were some other characteristics that defined him when it comes to saving other people’s’ lives. In the software development industry, there is a … Read More

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