Agile development

TDD first cycle

TDD First Cycle ( part 2)

Let’s continue with our series of TDD articles, in the first part we looked at the theory behind the TDD and Unit  Testing. In this second part, TDD First Cycle, we begin to develop our application, an application of notes … Read More

Product Roadmap Importance

Product Roadmap importance in Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management is a continuous process of planning and guiding project development. Today, one of the biggest myth is that agile development does not conform to long-term planning. In agile software development, the entire agile project is divided and … Read More

Towards True Continuous Integration

Back to the roots: towards true Continuous Integration (part one)

In this article, I would like to show you what many people believe CI is, what is true Continuous Integration, and what is not CI. Also, I will give you some examples to better understand it.    What is CI? CI … Read More

Agile estimation techniques

Agile estimation techniques to know about

Agile estimation techniques can be useful for every team. Estimation & planning are one of the most important activities in any project. Agile methodologies make planning more valuable, its accuracy is increased, and hence the predictability of the project. In … Read More

DevOps Metrics

Some DevOps metrics to keep an eye on

Very often, companies find themselves in the situation where they don’t really know how well they are doing regarding DevOps. In that case, they are obviously missing some DevOps metrics. Here at Apiumhub we’ve got quite a few we keep track … Read More

Simulate Server Responses With NodeJS

Simulate server responses with NodeJS

A few days ago while I was working on the frontend of a new project, I found myself in a situation where I needed to simulate different responses from the backend to check some functionalities and behaviour in different browsers. … Read More

Benefits You Get By Doing BDD

A few benefits you get by doing BDD

Behavior Driven Development is a great way to avoid a common situation we find in the process of software development between teams. Very often, the developers and the business professionals are unsatisfied due to the fact that a lot of … Read More

Top Software Testing Techniques & Tools For Building Working Software

Top software testing techniques & tools for building working software

Software projects today are more complex than ever before. Software industry grows at an extremely fast rate and developers should be updated with new releases and opportunities in the software world to use latest technologies and best practices. Therefore this … Read More

Agile Project Management

The benefits you get by doing agile project management

Here at Apiumhub we’ve been Agile for quite a long time now and I figured it would be nice to share with our peers how it helps organisations, teams, and products. In this article I will be talking about the 5 … Read More

Creating A Mobile App

Creating a mobile app: things you should know

Did you know that companies keep increasing their mobile app investment in year by year? Nowadays, creating a mobile app is quite popular and it is actually a very smart strategy to promote a brand. But before building a mobile app, you … Read More

How Do User Stories Affect Teams & Product Quality

How do User Stories affect teams & product quality?

You may wonder who has the most influence on quality in software development. Which role is more important than the other? What is the relationship between them? When we talk about agile teams, the Product Team (PT) and Development Team … Read More

User Stories; Tips & Best Practices

User stories; tips & best practices

You might have heard about XP Day – an international conference about Extreme Programming and Agile processes. We’re very happy that Apiumhub’s team in Vietnam had the chance to attend this great and helpful event; XP Day Vietnam. We can … Read More

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