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SportTech Startups

There is an increasing popularity of sport and the acknowledgment of its perks is being capitalized on by many different sports ecosystems all over the world. The ambition is clear: to expand sporting tech and innovation to make the sports … Read More

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Femtech Startups are booming

Ten years ago the word “Femtech” didn’t even exist. Today Femtech, female-focused technology startups designed to support women’s health is a major investment category. These years Femtech startups have grown to become some of the hottest startups. What is Femtech?  … Read More

Interesting Tech Startups

Top 18 Interesting tech startups to keep an eye on

This month I have written an article about promising startups in Barcelona to watch and it was a success, I received a lot of messages, comments, likes and shares and therefore I decided to come up with the list of … Read More

Disruptive Technology & Innovations

Disruptive technology and innovations to track

As a person who loves to discover new trends and opportunities, I decided to write an article about disruptive technology & innovations to have an idea of what to expect in the upcoming years. Digital technologies continued its disruption to … Read More

Promising Startups In Barcelona

Top 15 promising startups in Barcelona to watch

Barcelona has experienced a tremendous transformation in recent years. City was always associated with Gaudi, Picasso and other great thinkers, artists and architects, but these years when people think about Barcelona, the first things that come to their mind is … Read More

Neobanks Disrupt Traditional Banking

Neobanks disrupt traditional banking: key players & facts

Over the past years, neobanks have been making headlines by attracting big venture capital investments and disrupting the traditional banking system. What are these Neobanks? As we know, banking system nowadays is not perfect and people hate going to the … Read More

Hottest MusicTech Startups

Hottest MusicTech startups to follow

The music industry is not an exception, it got influenced by technology as well. Innovators are developing MusicTech to find new ways music can be created and performed. And startups try to automate everything that can be automated, eliminating pain points … Read More

Visual Search In M-Commerce

Visual search in m-commerce: benefits, use cases, case studies, statistics & main players.

Visual search is one of the latest breakthroughs that is truly making a mark in eCommerce and mCommerce. I think most of you have noticed, that e-commerce, m-commerce and retail industry have changed drastically in recent years and young, tech-savvy … Read More


Proptech: the disruption of real estate

This year we hear a lot of Proptech, Fintech, InsurTech, Medtech, EduTech, etc. However, a lot of people are not sure about what these acronyms mean exactly and why they became buzzwords. Today we will talk about Proptech, but I … Read More

Coronavirus Impact

Coronavirus impact on startups scene in Barcelona

Today I would like to talk about COVID-19 impact on startups scene in Barcelona as this situation literally changes the way we live and work and many startups go bankrupt because their business models were not ready for online business, … Read More

Startups that work on Coronavirus Projects

Startups that work on Coronavirus Projects

As coronavirus quickly spreads around the world, startups decided to take different initiatives and develop array applications and web services to help people track the virus, check for symptoms and offer advice on ways to help prevent COVID-19 and today … Read More

Leading Startups Hubs

Barcelona among leading startups hubs

In the last 10 years, we’ve been switching from the physical to the digital world. Companies have brought commerce, education and many more online. Every day we read news about new startups, new ideas, new products that have potential to … Read More

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