Coronavirus Impact

Coronavirus impact on startups scene in Barcelona

Today I would like to talk about COVID-19 impact on startups scene in Barcelona as this situation literally changes the way we live and work and many startups go bankrupt because their business models were not ready for online business, … Read More

Startups that work on Coronavirus Projects

Startups that work on Coronavirus Projects

As coronavirus quickly spreads around the world, startups decided to take different initiatives and develop array applications and web services to help people track the virus, check for symptoms and offer advice on ways to help prevent COVID-19 and today … Read More

Tech News

Tech news – monthly update by Apiumhub

Hello, hello! Thank you for your interest in tech news, events, trends and tips!    Tech news: February   1. Top 8 tech events in Barcelona Here you will find a list of top 8 tech events in February. Don’t miss them, … Read More

Product Definition And Roadmapping

Product definition and roadmapping: from ideas to plans to products

Product definition and roadmapping is a key factor in the success of any product-based company. While most startups begin their activity with a nice idea or detecting a need in the market that has been unanswered and start their development … Read More

15 Vegetarian And Vegan Apps

15 Vegetarian and Vegan Apps available on iOS and Android

Being a vegan or vegetarian is a lifestyle that requires dedication, thankfully, the transition has become a bit easier thanks to technology. For example, creating delicious vegan meals becomes way easier and faster with the help of recipe apps, that … Read More


LegalTech startups & events

There’s no denying that technology has flooded all industries and Legal Industry now faces the task of implementing legaltech into its practices, both in large law firms and startups, in order to stay ahead of the curve and offer faster, … Read More

28 Food Apps Every Foodie Should Try

28 food apps every foodie should try

For a foodie, food is not a medium to satisfy the growling stomach. Food brings not only satisfaction but also happiness. And whether you prefer dining out in your city or while traveling, there is an app for that. Food … Read More

Innovative Recycling Apps

Top 8 innovative recycling apps that make a difference

In an effort to reduce waste, increase and improve recycling, industry leaders, counties, cities, startups and technology companies are launching innovative recycling mobile apps that can make a difference. These recycling apps allow users to manage their waste and recycling, … Read More

The MedTech Industry

The MedTech industry: Facts, Figures & Startups

Medical technology, or “medtech” are intended to improve the quality of healthcare delivered through earlier diagnosis, less invasive treatment options and reduction in hospital stays and rehabilitation times. Medical technology or MedTech may include medical devices, information technology, biotech, and … Read More


Agritech startups, innovations & facts

The hot question nowadays is how can we meet the world’s food needs, respecting the environment, taking into account that population is set to grow to over 9 billion people by 2050 and arable land decreases by 100,000 hectares per … Read More

Pregnancy Apps

20 Best Pregnancy Apps for Android and iOS In 2020

If you are planning for a baby, then you definitely need a set of pregnancy apps that can guide you right from conception until delivery. These Pregnancy Apps help you track your progress and stay healthy through the gestation period. It’s … Read More

AI In Logistics

AI in Logistics: 5 troubleshooting use cases

Artificial intelligence is the technology that modifies many fields of activities and it bears a real benefit for various industries. Logistics area is the one where the application of AI shows serious advantages. This article covers how AI in logistics … Read More