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Seamless software delivery

Seamless Software Delivery

Are you successfully adhering to software delivery dates? In certain scenarios, developers may not engage in discussions with their managers regarding project deadlines. Instead, they receive instructions about the tasks at hand and the associated due dates. Product owners may … Read More

Unlocking efficiency: reducing rotation rate in software development

Reducing Rotation Rate in Software Development

The rotation rate on agile software development teams is a controversial subject. The longer the project, the more likely there will be an “unplanned” member rotation. It is well understood that losing team members in a short period of time … Read More

Dedicated Software Teams vs. extended teams in software development

Dedicated Software Teams vs. Extended Teams in Software Development

In the ever-evolving realm of software development, the choice between utilizing dedicated software teams or extending your existing team can be a pivotal decision that profoundly impacts project success, efficiency, and innovation. Apiumhub, a trailblazer in the software development industry, … Read More

Double-loop learning: how can workplaces benefit from it?

Double-Loop Learning: How Can Workplaces Benefit From It?

You have probably heard of the term Double-Loop Learning before, but did you know that when applied correctly in the workplace, this learning theory can be beneficial to the company culture? Keep reading to learn more about this concept and … Read More

It team augmentation

IT Team Augmentation Services

IT team extension or IT team augmentation, means a strategy of incorporating and engaging highly skilled software specialists into the in-house software development team to add more value to specific software projects. External expertise within an extended IT team model … Read More

Dedicated team model in software engineering

Dedicated Team Model in Software Engineering

A dedicated team model (also known as a dedicated software development team, or DTM), is a business model that is frequently used in software development outsourcing. Along with time and materials (T&M) and fixed price (FP), the dedicated team is … Read More

Current tech market status

Current tech market job status

In 2022, there were a series of massive layoffs at companies like Microsoft, Twitter, Tesla, Amazon, HP, Meta, Salesforce, Oracle, Intel, Spotify, Docusign, Twilio, Apple, HBO Max, Vimeo, TikTok, Netflix, Cisco, Stripe, etc. In total, over 202,736 people in the … Read More

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Minimum Viable Architecture

Many software architects try to design the entire product upfront and have persistent issues of over-architecture. They try to think about what might be needed in one year and in most cases it ends up in the bin because their … Read More

knowledge en

Effective software development knowledge sharing via rotations

Knowledge has become one of the most valuable strategic resources. There are a variety of ways to transfer software development knowledge within a company, and project rotation is one of the effective tools based on our experience.  Knowledge is power  … Read More

rd en

The Importance of R&D in Software Product Development

More so than any other industry, software development moves at an incredible pace with new advances being made every day. In an industry that’s fast evolving and continuously advancing, remaining competitive is fundamental, and R&D is the key. Today, companies … Read More

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Sacrificial architecture

One of the toughest decisions your software development team may face as you scale is deciding between keeping your current codebase and rebuilding on a new software architecture. In this article we will see what is so called sacrificial architecture … Read More

How to choose a custom software development company

Choose a custom software development company that delivers

Finding the right custom software development company that delivers is a complex challenge. It is like hiring a crew to build your new house. Triple check with whom you will work with over the next few months or years as … Read More

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