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In 2022, there were a series of massive layoffs at companies like Microsoft, Twitter, Tesla, Amazon, HP, Meta, Salesforce, Oracle, Intel, Spotify, Docusign, Twilio, Apple, HBO Max, Vimeo, TikTok, Netflix, Cisco, Stripe, etc. In total, over 202,736 people in the tech market were impacted.

Layoffs in the tech industry

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Software developers and other tech talents don’t feel safe anymore. The tech market has become volatile, and today’s article is about what developers value most now, what their salary expectations are in Spain, and what companies offer stability and good working conditions, attracting tech talent

What software developers value the most in job offers

Based on TechRepublic research, these are the main criteria that attract software developers:

  1. Salary 
  2. Work-life balance 
  3. Work flexibility 
  4. Feeling productive
  5. Growth opportunities 

90% of developers reported that happiness within their role and workplace are crucial to showing loyalty to their employer and remaining at their current job. The five countries that boasted developers in their roles with the highest satisfaction rate from employees were India, the U.S., Germany, Spain, and the U.K.

The past autumn, Manfred (which has a database of more than 19,000 professional profiles) analyzed the financial compensation schemes that tech talents in Spain demanded as a whole, as well as other job perks included in job offers made by companies. The results were pretty interesting:

  • Average salary by programming language or technology and years of experience

Programming languages with a greater shortage of profiles, such as Kotlin or AWS, or with a wider range of applications, such as Python, means it is possible to demand a higher financial remuneration, which becomes all the more apparent after 2+ years of experience. At the tail end, we can find PHP.

  Project Manager job offer

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  • Average salary per role 
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  • The most-offered job perks

Among the most common job perks offered to employees, team building events and dynamics stand out, followed by internal and external training and private health insurance. 

  • Working models on offer

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While 32% of employees demand a hybrid working model, only 11% of job offers actually offer it. 

Best tech employers in Spain

Information and communication technology (ICT) is considered the best prospect industry sector in Spain. And currently, the highest-rated Software Development employers hiring near Spain based on Glassdoor reviews include Sage with an employee rating of 4.2 out of 5, Globant rated 4.3 out of 5, Ocado Technology with a rating of 4.3 out of 5, Guidewire with a 4.6 out of 5, Software AG rated 4.2 out of 5 and Apiumhub rated 4.2 out of 5 by employees. 

Apiumhub made it to the top employers in Spain 

Let me share with you the “Why”:

1. Apiumhub is a software development hub and a safe place for self-development. It connects great minds, creating a pool of renewable knowledge. Every member of the team has their own personalized career path within the company. Apart from offering a competitive salary, Apiumhub has a remote-friendly policy, offers a permanent contract, 23 days of vacation, free snacks, coffee and beer, medical insurance with dental coverage, free English classes, a personal budget for continuous learning & training, a team budget just for fun, technical & informal workshops, off-site company events and a healthy environment. 

All Apiumhub team members share the same values: 

  • Open environment

We know that together we’ll go further. Regardless of our role or experience, our ideas are more than welcome. We put people first over processes and tools, and encourage a healthy and safe space where everyone is aligned and welcome to add up.

  Sacrificial architecture

We use assertive communication, we criticize to build, not to destroy, we put our ego aside before any discussion or decision not to blind us, and we believe learning is more important than being right. We assume our lack of knowledge and we are honest when we communicate with each other. And we care about those around us!

  • Make it yours

With a culture of freedom and trust comes great responsibility. Each one of us is accountable for choosing our own path. We care about the outcome but also about the process, taking into account every tiny detail.

We always work with an objective in mind and strive to make it clear, we understand the problem we are trying to solve, and we make decisions and propose solutions for the benefit of the product and the team, not for our own benefit. We manage time with care and respect. We continuously question the processes we follow.

  • Never stop learning

We all come from different backgrounds and have experience in different fields. Learning from each other is key to our personal growth. Every day we increase our knowledge, and we never stop growing.

We are autonomous and proactive in our learning, we take advantage of every project to continue learning; we do not settle for the status quo, we step out of our comfort zone. Instead of despising our mistakes, we learn from them. “We are our main source of motivation to keep growing and learning.

2. Apiumhub actively contributes to the software development and software architecture community: 

  • Apiumhub helps developers and tech companies to get better through its practical workshops and courses in Apium Academy
  • Apiumhub automates repetitive processes through its own product, VYou, a user and access management system that is going open source. 
  • Apiumhub makes the release of quality software easier and faster with its Feature Flags tool – Koople.
  • Apiumhub loves sharing knowledge. In 2022, Christian Ciceri, software architect and co-founder of Apiumhub, published the book “Software Architecture Metrics” with O’Reilly.
  Android developer job offer

3. Software developers love working at Apiumhub:

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Among the dozens of positive reviews, let me highlight the most repeatable aspects that were mentioned in Glassdoor: 

  • Extremely supportive employer
  • Great remote policy
  • Friendly environment
  • Safe place
  • High tech level
  • Interesting projects
  • Flexibility
  • Constant growth
  • Multicultural team
  • Transparency

Apiumhub is growing and working for leading companies such as Zara, Mango, Nestle, Inditex, Mercadona, etc. Currently, the company offers a lot of software development job positions, such as: 

  • Backend Developer
  • Android developer
  • iOS developer
  • Frontend developer
  • DevOps Engineer 
  • QA automation engineer
  • Product Owner 

And here you may find another article about sustainable growth in Apiumhub, where the recruitment process is explained in detail. Keep an eye on the Apiumhub blog if you would like to stay in the loop of the tech market.

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