Employer branding: growing sustainably

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Apiumhub is a technology company specialising in software development and architecture. Currently we are experiencing rapid and sustainable growth and in this article we would like to share with you what we are focusing on while hiring new talents. 

In 2022 Abel Fernandez – well-known talent acquisition director has joined Apiumhub in order to scale the company to the next level hiring the best Software Development professionals to join our team of experts. 

Employer Branding: how to grow sustainably 

We believe that it is very important to work on employer branding. It is not about creating fairytale stories, it is about showing why software experts join Apiumhub and why they stay with us. So, later on in this post you will read experiences of our team members to know how it is working at Apiumhub from the team itself. In this post we don’t share nice words, things that attract attention, here we share what has worked for us and what our software development team focuses on to hire like-minded people. We have spoken with different departments: backend, frontend, iOS, Android, Data, DevOps, software architecture, QA and here is what everyone has in common: 

  1. Put best practices such as SOLID, CI, TDD, DDD in the center of software development and software architecture 
  2. Build goal-driven working software
  3. Focus on quality rather than quantity
  4. Have T-shaped skills, but become specialist in one area
  5. Be proactive
  6. Have strong problem solving skills
  7. Be pragmatic
  8. Apply design patterns 

One of our core values is “never stop growing” and we always attend our internal training, master classes and open spaces. 

Software architecture plays a key role in our projects and that’s what we are famous for, therefore we give this opportunity to closely work with Christian Ciceri – our Software Architect who is a Global Software Architecture Summit speaker and O’reilly Author. Apart from Christian, we have other software architects who are focusing more on the backend, frontend or mobile parts. We encourage and support knowledge sharing culture and organize projects rotations based on milestones and interests of the team members. 

  DevOps engineer job offer

Apart from a competitive salary, we also offer:

  • Permanent contract
  • 23 days of vacation
  • Remote friendly policy
  • Flexible working hours
  • New office in Paseo de Gracia 
  • Free snacks, coffee and beer
  • Dinners and team activities 
  • Offsites
  • Medical insurance with dental coverage 
  • Free English classes 
  • Personal budget for continuous learning, training and certifications  
  • Team budget just for fun 
  • Book clubs
  • Open spaces 
  • Professional growth 

We believe that a 3 steps recruitment process is the best option:

  1. 30-40minuts introduction meeting to talk about what we can offer you, and know a little bit about you, your experience and your goals. 
  2. 1 hour technical meeting. No-code meeting, just technical discussions.
  3. 30 minutes cultural fit meeting with the CEO of the company 

People who join Apiumhub, become a family member and stay with us for many years, let’s look at what they say about working at Apiumhub:

“Friendly and welcoming environment with plenty of smart colleagues open to share knowledge. Pragmatic, self-demanding and communicative management.They are really concerned about the performance and professional growth of the employees.”

David Silva – Backend Developer

“Apiumhub is a very good company to work for. There’s professional growth, a great friendly atmosphere, and you can feel like they care about you.”

Jose Castro – Frontend Developer

“This company is like a family, once you join them people treat you like one more. And by the way, there are a lot of talented people working whom you can learn a lot.”

Joan Ferrés – Backend Developer

“Awesome company and great place to work. Challenging projects, nice colleagues to learn from and a very friendly environment.

Sergi Llonch – Frontend Developer

“Very happy with my first few months at this company, hoping to stay for a few more! Great team environment, friendly as well as skilled!”

Pablo Trescoli – Android Developer

“Great company and talented teammates. Nice and friendly team atmosphere. A great place to grow and develop professionally with other talented people.”

Oleg Sokolov – Android Developer

“A lot of talented developers in the company and this translates into Continuous Learning opportunities and Continuous Professional Growth. Motivated hard workers with willing to share their knowledge and always accepting new tech challenges. Great company culture atmosphere. The management team is outstanding – if you want to be on pulse of the latest technology stack, this is the best place for you.”

Serhii Zabolennyi – QA Engineer

“A nice place to work. Good people, great experience and amazing projects.”

Ferran Ferri – QA Lead

“Great environment, one of the best places to work and an awesome team!

Rubén Expósito – Android Developer

“Great company to grow professionally surrounded by industry experts. Apiumhub is a place to learn without barriers and put all your knowledge into practice with a great team with whom you never get bored. All in all, a good place to work!”

Arnau Gris – Frontend Developer

“Always focused on quality and promoting trainings, Apiumhub is an ideal place to grow as a professional. There is a lot of talent, but also team spirit.”

David Brito – Frontend Developer

“All the people on the team are great experts in their areas. The best thing is that they are able to transmit that knowledge without barriers. Being part of this exceptional team of people you will never be left behind.”

David Garcia – Backend Developer

“One of the things that I like the most about Apiumhub is team spirit. It doesn’t matter what project you are working on, there is always time to help each other and share experiences as well as knowledge. That’s what makes us a great team.”

Bruno Basas – iOS Developer

“I love working at Apiumhub because I am surrounded by great people and professionals.”

Joaquin Caro – Tech Lead

“I enjoy working at Apiumhub because of a friendly environment that we have, team spirit and the way we work on our projects, applying best practices, having tech challenges. I never stop growing here.”

David Gomez – Backend Developer

“I love feeling safe here. It is great to share your ideas and constantly learn from each other.”

Carlos Carrera – iOS Lead

Join our growing family with a great sense of humor and healthy environment. Work with the best talent, applying best practices, don’t be shy and text us

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