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Software architecture culture

How to create software architecture culture in your team

There are some qualities that differentiate average from high performing software development companies and attitude towards the software architecture culture is one of them. Software architecture culture Based on our experience in Apiumhub, the culture is better and the results … Read More

On-premises software advantages

On-premises software advantages

Despite all the trends about and putting your data online, many companies still prefer hosting everything on internal servers. Although this means a significant investment in IT equipment, infrastructure, licenses, and support personnel, on-premises software advantages have some significant privileges … Read More

Software Architecture

15 benefits of software architecture

A lot of people underestimate the importance of Software Architecture and some people just don’t know what it is and what are the benefits of software architecture. Although Software Architecture seems to be very tech and a lot of people think … Read More


Micromanaging: signs, cons and advices

Nowadays, micromanaging is one of the top complaints people have about their managers. And if we take into account that according to Daniel Pink, lasting motivation in the 21st century is fueled by autonomy, mastery and purpose, then we should … Read More

Senior Developer

Main senior developer characteristics & qualities

There is a hot debate going on regarding the main senior developer characteristics & qualities. We have run a survey and collected feedback from our own Apiumhub team and in this article you find the results.   Being a junior, mid-level, … Read More

Software Project Milestone

Software project milestone: what, why & how

Probably you have heard the word “ software project milestone ” thousand times or more. But, what are these milestones, who needs to create them, when are they needed, does every project require milestones, what are the advantages of them, … Read More

Software Development challenges

Main challenges in Software Development

In the software development industry, we find that as many as 50% of custom software development projects fail. This age-old problem is a nightmare for many CTOs and tech managers. According to the State of Software Development 2020 report, the … Read More

Reactive Architecture

Reactive architecture benefits & use cases

While the term reactive architecture has been around for a long time, only relatively recently has it been recognized by the industry and hit mainstream adoption. The goal of this article is to analyze what reactive really is and why … Read More

Software Requirements Prioritization

Software requirements prioritization techniques you should know

Software development project just like any other project has multiple requirements, budgetary constraints, and tight deadlines. Therefore, there is a need to do software requirements prioritization as it is just impossible to do everything at once. So, you need to … Read More

Mobile Learning

How Mobile Learning Can Train Your Corporate Workforce Better?

8.9 Billion.That’s the number of mobile connections in the world currently. Smartphones are easily one of the most influential inventions of our time, and they have affected almost every aspect of our lives. With over 42% of the human population … Read More

Software Development Companies

11 software development companies doing great things in Europe

The European startup scene has been growing more than ever and unless you are building everything in house, very often, an external help is needed when it comes to the development part. Which is why I decided to list down … Read More

Cloud Native Architecture

Cloud native architecture – the modern way to develop Software

Since an increasing number of companies are migrating their operations to the cloud, the cloud industry is likely to become more advanced. The IT industry is all up for cloud native architecture and software development that is way better than … Read More

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