How Mobile Learning Can Train Your Corporate Workforce Better?

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8.9 Billion.That’s the number of mobile connections in the world currently. Smartphones are easily one of the most influential inventions of our time, and they have affected almost every aspect of our lives. With over 42% of the human population using smartphones, it is safe to say that they have a GIGANTIC user base. Learning is one of the many areas of our lives that have been absolutely revolutionised by the emergence of smartphones. Even when it comes to training your employees, mobile learning cannot be overlooked. Chances are, close to 100% of your employees own a smartphone. However, the omnipresence of smartphones is not the only reason you should be investing in mobile learning.

Mobile learning offers a variety of benefits to learners and organisations. 


Advantages of Mobile Learning


Easy Accessibility

Accessibility is perhaps the most significant reason behind the popularity of smartphones. This benefit carries over to mobile-based learning beautifully.

With just an internet connection required, mobile learning courses can be accessed anywhere, anytime. This advantage can be used to turn downtime into learning time at businesses that experienced a slump at specific hours of the day.

Similarly, with mobile learning, it is possible to standardise training material across your workforce, regardless of their size or location(s).

Better accessibility also means that your employees can consume the training material as and when they find it manageable. For instance, employees undertaking a long commute to work can spend their travelling hours consuming course content.


Effective Tracking Of Progress

Tracking and optimising the effectiveness of their training initiatives is one of the most pressing challenges for organisations venturing into corporate training. This problem has been virtually eliminated by mobile learning technology.

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Managers and business owners can now track the progress of their employees in real-time. This knowledge can be used to understand how individual learners interact with the training content and make necessary improvements in order to optimise results.

On the other hand, when learners can track their own progress, it acts as an incentive to do better. Add to that social learning features offered by the best mobile LMS. (learning management systems), and you can even add a competitive element to your corporate training initiatives to improve learner progress and knowledge retention.


Millennial Friendly

The notion that millennials are “glued” to their phones isn’t new. While it may have adverse effects on other areas of their lives, delivering training in a style that is similar to their consumer behaviour will do wonders for the completion rates of your corporate training courses.


Learner Friendly Content Design

While delivering learning content on mobile devices has its own benefits, the advantages of mobile learning technology go further.

For starters, most mobile Learning authoring tools and LMS support the addition of multimedia to course content. In other words, with mobile learning, you can deliver course content in formats that your learners will enjoy. Not only does this make the process of learner a bit more enjoyable, including video and audio lessons also improves the effectiveness of course content.

Mobile devices are also perfect for introducing microlearning practices to your learners. Essentially, the microlearning training style breaks down long chapters into shorter (mostly around 20 minutes long) course modules that are much easily consumable by the learners.

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Microlearning is another trend that has shown improved effectiveness for learners.



This blog post talks about the many benefits of mobile learning for your employees. However, the advantages of this technology are not limited to the learners. As a cost-effective, trackable solution, mobile-based learning can help your organisation make the most of your training efforts.



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