15 software development influencers

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From software developers to software architects, the software world is full of influential people, many of whom have active social media presence. Therefore, I decided to write an article about those top software development influencers who changed our lives. Following these guys will help you stay up to date with software best practices, innovations, tools, projects and many more! To be honest, it was hard to come up with this list as there are many other talented software experts, but I decided to include these ones because these people wrote books, introduced new concepts and tools to software development and keep being active nowadays. They absolutely deserve to be mentioned!

Let’s start!

15 software development influencers you should follow

1.Martin Fowler
The first one on the list of top software development influencers is Martin fowler. This person should definitely be on this list. He is one of the biggest experts in software design and has absolutely fantastic blog, where he shares with his methods, ideas and inventions. His favourite topics are microservices, continuous delivery, agile, refactoring, etc. He wrote many useful books and regularly gives presentations about software design around the world.


2. Vaughn Vernon
This man knows everything about DDD. Vaughn also wrote several books and constantly gives workshops and presentations all over the world.


3. Eric Evans
Eric is a well known expert in Domain Language and software design. He wrote many influential books about these topics and he is quite active in social media, sharing his experiences and thoughts.

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4. Kent Beck
Kent is more than just a famous and key person in software industry, he is the father of TDD and extreme programming. He wrote several books about refactoring, software design, agile Manifesto and Junit. He is very active in social media and gives valuable advices every day!


5. Erich Gamma
Erich is another very good author and software development enthusiast. He is a Swiss computer scientist and co-author of the influential software engineering book, Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software. Also, he co-wrote the JUnit software testing framework with Kent Beck.


6. Claus Ibsen
Claus Ibsen is a principal engineer working for Red Hat specializing in cloud and integration. He has worked on Apache Camel for the last seven years where he heads the project. He is also an author of top read books nowadays.


7. Andy Hunt
Andy Hunt is a writer of books on software development. Hunt co-authored The Pragmatic Programmer ten other books and many articles, and was one of the 17 original authors of the Agile Manifesto and founders of the Agile Alliance. He is very active on Twitter, absolutely a must following him as he shares very interesting software development information.


8. Dave Thomas
Dave Thomas is a computer programmer, author and editor. He has written The Pragmatic Programmer and coined the phrases “Code Kata” and “DRY”, and was an original signatory and author of The Manifesto for Agile Software Development.


9. Steve McConnell
Steven C. McConnell is an author of software engineering textbooks such as Code Complete, Rapid Development, and Software Estimation. Also, he is an expert in software engineering and project management.


10. Lisa Crispin
Lisa is an author of very interesting books about agile and testing. She enjoys sharing her experiences and learning from others. She specializes in showing testers and agile teams how testers can add value and how to guide development with business-facing tests. Her Twitter page is very active and you will definitely find it interesting.

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11. Jez Humble
Jez Humble is an award-winning author and researcher on software who has spent his career tinkering with code, infrastructure, and product development in organizations of varying sizes across three continents, most recently working for the US government.


12. Mike Cohn
Mike regularly gives actionable advices, tips and guidance for creating high-performing teams. He is one of the contributors to the invention of the Scrum software development methodology.


13. Scott W. Ambler
Scott W. Ambler is a Canadian software engineer, consultant and author. He is an author of a number of books focused on the disciplined agile delivery process. He is a speaker at a wide variety of conferences worldwide and often asked to deliver conference keynote speeches as well as give internal presentations at organizations. He tweets his thoughts and observations about software development and write articles for several publications.


14. Chiu-Ki Chan
And the last one on our list of software development influencers is Chiu-Ki Chan –  an Android developer with a passion for speaking and teaching. She is a Google Developer Expert in Android and currently runs her own mobile development company. Regularly she shares her Android knowledge on stage at different tech conferences around the world.


15. Boris Shiklo

Boris Shiklo, CTO at ScienceSoft, leads the company’s engineering department and supervises strategically important projects. During more than 20 years in the IT industry, Boris has gained particularly profound experience in the development of custom applications, that he is sharing in his internal and external blog posts.

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  1. Sujit

    I am really surprised that author did not include Robert Martin on this list. I don’t believe he even needs an introduction.

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