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QA Engineer

QA Engineer: Organizing a QA workflow

In this article I’ll share my experience as a QA Engineer organizing a QA workflow from scratch inside a project. Here you can find answers for common questions like: What is the purpose of having a QA person in the … Read More

Progressive Web Apps Testing

Progressive Web Apps testing in 2021

Hi, in this article i’d like to share my experience of testing PWA (Progressive Web Apps testing).   Progressive Web Apps testing   Using console in JS for better testing Let’s start with definition of PWA. Google told us that … Read More

Key Software Architecture Quality Attributes

Key Software Architecture Quality Attributes

Software projects are becoming complex, larger, more integrated, and are implemented by the use of several varieties of technologies. These various technologies need to be managed and organized to deliver a quality product. Quality attributes usually assessed and analyzed at … Read More

Using Console In JS For Better Testing

Using console in JS for better testing

In this article i’d like to share my experience of using some console features for debugging purposes. Let’s start with the definition what is a console? Console – is a browsers built-in debugger. Obviously you know about it using console.log … Read More

Newman Postman

Newman Postman: command line Collection Runner

Are you using Postman to run your API tests? And are you familiar with Postman Collection runner? Today I’d like to share with you my experience of using Newman, a command line collection runner for Postman. The benefits?  The availability … Read More

Karate Framework

Karate Framework: Let’s make API Tests great again

I’ve recently talked about a testing framework called Cypress. In this article I will talk about another one: a pretty simple testing framework for REST API Automation called Karate. In order to best describe it, here’s a pretty descriptive excerpt from … Read More

Cypress Framework

Cypress Framework: The Swiss Army Knife for your Tests

Today I’d like to talk about a testing framework that’s been getting quite a bit of love as of late. I’m talking about Cypress, a tool we might even call a Swiss Army Knife for your tests. Since I’ve been using … Read More

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