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Inspiring women in the tech industry

It’s no secret that the tech industry is mostly dominated by men. However, more and more inspiring women in the tech industry are taking on important roles, leading diversity and inclusion movements, and sharing their expertise with the community.  Here´s … Read More

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Gatsby for marketing websites

In marketing websites, the main goal is to attract users and obtain leads or conversions. In order to get a good amount of traffic and good positioning, content and SEO strategies are crucial. Throughout the process of creating such websites, … Read More

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Continuous Architecture principles and goals

Creating and maintaining software architecture that remains sustainable over time is a challenge for software architects and developers. Software Architects used to meet every requirement, provide every feature, and plan every system component at once with big software architecture upfront, … Read More

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Minimum Viable Architecture

Many software architects try to design the entire product upfront and have persistent issues of over-architecture. They try to think about what might be needed in one year and in most cases it ends up in the bin because their … Read More

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Communities that support diversity in the tech industry

Diversity is one of the biggest challenges the tech industry faces nowadays. Fortunately, more and more communities are coming together to fight against the gap that exists in the industry and demand equal rights for all members regardless of skin … Read More

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How to change audio encoding

Today I found myself in a somewhat annoying situation. After obtaining in a totally legal and lawful way a large collection of mp4 videos, I loaded them on my external hard drive, plugged the hard drive into my TV, hit … Read More

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Online software events by Geekle you can’t miss this year

COVID had some positive impacts on us, one of them is our partnership with Geekle – a company that organizes high-class online software development events.  We constantly participate in software architecture, DevOps, QA, React, Nodejs, and other events as speakers, … Read More

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How to make a good job offer

Introduction The search for talent is an increasingly complex task, especially in the technology sector, where competition for the best profiles is fierce. For this very reason, it is important to make an attractive job offer, taking care of every … Read More

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Advanced bunkerization

Introduction In this article, I want to delve into some additional measures to the ones I exposed in my first article, which add a fairly high level of control and protection of systems within our house. I will leave to … Read More

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Is AI the future of QA testing?

Introduction As we all know QA testing and software development go hand in hand. The rapid evolution of software development has forced quick advances in the testing field, we can see this in the quantity of testing tools techniques, and … Read More

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Comfort, laurels and job loyalty

Introduction I have recently encountered – and experienced on my own – a common feeling of job stagnation and dependence on companies. The new technology trains are getting faster and faster and it is very easy to get left behind. … Read More

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Remix vs Next.js which one should you use?

Nowadays we have many different framework options when we want to create a new web project based on React. As a developer, you can find yourself struggling to know which one should you choose or which one would best suit … Read More

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