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GSAS is taking place in CCIB, Barcelona this year

Global Software Architecture Summit is taking place in CCIB, Barcelona this year! Save the date, October 3-4, 2022! One of the largest and most important software architecture events with practical talks and hands-on workshops.  About the venue This year GSAS … Read More

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hypothesisvalidation en

Hypothesis validation

Hi everyone!! This article is based on the scenario presented in our article ‘User Story Splitting‘. If you didn’t have the chance yet to take a look at it, we encourage you to do it before continue with this article’s … Read More

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userstorysplitting en

User Story Splitting

Introduction How many times did you find yourself trying to split an important feature giving some value to the user in each bite. This is something we face in our daily basis and we would like to share with you. … Read More

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gitsubmodules en

Git submodules

General overview This article is based on Git Submodules (Git tools) and real implementation in a production-grade application with several µ-monoliths calling each other via REST APIS.  So, in this article, we’ll see a simplified example of a Spring RestTemplate … Read More

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Pinia as an alternative to Vuex

Introduction Vue 3 has become the default version of Vue and it seems that its ecosystem has undergone a revolution. Before, the recommended tools to work with were Vetur, Vue CLI and Vuex; now they are Volar, Vite and, the … Read More

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Apiumhub supports Craft Conference one more year

One more year we support Craft Conference as we believe this is a very interesting event. You can read more about our collaboration and past edition of the conference here.  About Craft Conference Craft Conference returns in person for the … Read More

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Dimensionality Reduction en

Dimensionality reduction – TSNE

t-SNE | T-distributed stochastic neighbor embedding The goal is to take a set of points in a high-dimensional space and find a faithful representation of those points in a lower-dimensional space, typically the 2D plane. The algorithm is non-linear and … Read More

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AndroidSumiit22 en

Apiumhub becomes Android Development Global Summit partner!

Android Development Online Summit by is coming on June 21-22, 2022!  Geekle called out the world’s most advanced Android Developers — to equip you with insights needed to upgrade yourself as a professional! What is waiting for you: — … Read More

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scrum@scale en

[email protected]

Introduction Many companies are currently immersed in the implementation and use of agile methodologies. And many others have been using these methodologies in all their teams for years.But it is also known that the more popular the use of agile … Read More

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project hygiene en

Project Hygiene

Overview “Eat your veggies!” “Exercise multiple times a week!” “Brush your teeth and floss daily!” Such are the exhortations that every child has heard (many times!) and grown to loathe. However, these are not practices designed solely to make one … Read More

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agilecontractors en

Agile development with contractors 

Every day, more companies rely on contractors when they want organizational flexibility but require high skilled resources when crafting digital products. Being able to grow their development force in very short notice without the hassle of training and hiring has … Read More

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testing frontend en

What is testing? Why is testing so important in Frontend?

According to Uncle Bob, tests are part of the system which many developers think the opposite since they are not deployed. He declares that it is a catastrophic point of view since the test’s role is to support development and … Read More

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