Exploring Quarkus vs Spring Boot

Exploring Quarkus vs Spring Boot

Introduction In the realm of Java development, selecting the right framework can significantly impact the success of a project. Quarkus and Spring Boot are two prominent frameworks that simplify Java development, each with their unique strengths and use cases. This … Read More

Apiumhub BLOG 6

Debugging The Perplexing: Don’t Panic!

In the 10+ years, I’ve spent in software development, I’ve formulated a law of debugging: “The perplexity of a software bug and the simplicity of its probable cause are positively correlated”. Put simply, the more confounding and “impossible” a bug … Read More

Quarkus GraalVM ES

Quarkus GraalVM. Supersonic Subatomic Java, Kotlin & Scala

Due to the actual microservices server paradigm & server costs corresponding to resource’s consumption, Quarkus is a framework that caught my attention some years ago, as it solves JVM language problems on these concerns. In this article you will find … Read More

Creating, Using & Building

Creating, Using & Building a DSL

The main idea behind this article about building a DSL is to play and experiment with some design patterns on a surface level. We’ll have a character with a position, and we’ll move it in four directions thanks to the … Read More

Feature Flag pattern

Feature Flag pattern in java

In this article, we will briefly introduce the feature flag pattern in java to allow uploading features to production that are not yet finalized. It is very common to see projects that use the Feature Branch mechanism in order to … Read More

Be More Functional In Java

Be more functional in java with vavr

With the release of java 8 a new paradigm was discovered in the development with java, but the question arises – is it enough? And what if we could have other functionalities of more purely functional languages in java? To … Read More

Kotlin Vs Java

Java vs Kotlin

In Apiumhub we work with controlerless architecture called Pure MVP a lot ( We named it MVPP ), which is based on the concepts of composition of functions and investment of dependencies. You can find more information about it in … Read More

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