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Apiumhub BLOG 6

Debugging The Perplexing: Don’t Panic!

Background In the 10+ years, I’ve spent in software development, I’ve formulated a law of debugging: “The perplexity of a software bug and the simplicity of its probable cause are positively correlated”. Put simply, the more confounding and “impossible” a … Read More

Apiumhub BLOG 11

Spring I/O 2022

A Renewal After the short days, cold temperatures, and barren flora of winter comes the season of spring: a rebirth of the world, with the days getting longer, the weather getting warmer, and the flowers and trees blooming once again. … Read More

project hygiene en

Project Hygiene

Overview “Eat your veggies!” “Exercise multiple times a week!” “Brush your teeth and floss daily!” Such are the exhortations that every child has heard (many times!) and grown to loathe. However, these are not practices designed solely to make one … Read More

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