Facts About Software Development

Interesting facts about software development: statistics

This year Apiumhub partnered up with codignsans and other software related companies like: clutch, gitkraken, Cooperpress, Level-up, Storyblok, Dashbird, Serverlessguru, Coder, Webiny, Meetupfeed and took part in a global software development research to find out how companies attract software developers, what are … Read More

Kotlin 1.4 Online Event

Kotlin 1.4 Online Event

Recently, the Kotlin Online Event organized by Jetbrains was held to discuss the latest version of the language and also to replace what in principle and under normal circumstances would have been the KotlinConf that has been postponed for next … Read More

Kotlin Everywhere

Kotlin Everywhere in Barcelona

Every day there is more and more activity around Kotlin, the community is growing and Jetbrains launches new initiatives to offer online resources, as well as offline events and talks in every corner of the world. And this autumn we … Read More

How To Implement A Redux Library

How to implement a Redux library with kotlin and Rx

In this article we will cover how to implement a Redux library with Kotlin and Rx. But first things first, let’s start with the small introduction to Redux library: In essence Redux is an architecture that has three pillars: A … Read More

Kotlin Vs Java

Java vs Kotlin

In Apiumhub we work with controlerless architecture called Pure MVP a lot ( We named it MVPP ), which is based on the concepts of composition of functions and investment of dependencies. You can find more information about it in … Read More

Why Kotlin Language, Android?

Why Kotlin language, Android? Why did Google choose Kotlin ?

Why Kotlin language? If today I was asked what is one of the characteristics that distinguishes the development of Android applications from the rest of the fields, I would not hesitate to answer that the possibility of executing the same … Read More