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gitsubmodules en

Git submodules

General overview This article is based on Git Submodules (Git tools) and real implementation in a production-grade application with several µ-monoliths calling each other via REST APIS.  So, in this article, we’ll see a simplified example of a Spring RestTemplate … Read More

springnativebeta en

Exploring Spring Native Beta 0.10 – 0.11

General overview This article is based on Spring Native 0.10.6 BETA documentation. 🔴 but version 0.11 has just been released and it’s highly recommendable to use v0.11 for many improvements with a new AheadOfTime (AOT) engine. Check the Version 0.11 … Read More

Quarkus GraalVM ES

Quarkus GraalVM. Supersonic Subatomic Java, Kotlin & Scala

Due to the actual microservices server paradigm & server costs corresponding to resource’s consumption, Quarkus is a framework that caught my attention some years ago, as it solves JVM language problems on these concerns. In this article you will find … Read More

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