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Service worker Caching And Offline Mode Strategies

Service worker: Caching and offline mode strategies

In this article we are going to look at one of the service worker functions such as cache and offline mode. To start, we will need a resource server. In Apiumhub we have created a small example server from where … Read More

Proxy / Cache: A faster local environment

Proxy / Cache: A faster local environment

Sometimes, some projects have a local development environment that’s not completely isolated and depends on some infrastructure that we cannot locally raise, be it because of license issues, time constraints, etc. In my case, this dependency is a service that … Read More

Creating, Using & Building

Creating, Using & Building a DSL

The main idea behind this article about building a DSL is to play and experiment with some design patterns on a surface level. We’ll have a character with a position, and we’ll move it in four directions thanks to the … Read More

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