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Interview with Annie Freeman, green software expert

Interview with Annie Freeman, Green Software Expert

At Apiumhub, we have started a series of interviews with green software experts to raise awareness about green software. Our first interview was with Paola Annis, engineering manager at Microsoft and founding member of the Green Software Foundation, and now … Read More

Green Software Podcasts and YouTube Channel

Green Software Podcasts and YouTube Channels

Green software, characterized by energy-efficient coding practices and eco-friendly development approaches, is crucial. Green software podcasts provide a platform for industry experts, thought leaders and practitioners to discuss innovative solutions, best practices, and emerging technologies that prioritize environmental considerations. Listening … Read More

Green Software Tools and Metrics

18 Green Software Tools and Metrics

Software developers and other ICT stakeholders are actively contributing to climate goals. According to the SOGS survey, 15.6% of over 2,000 software practitioners work for organizations that consistently measure the carbon impact of their software, while 49.3% report that their … Read More

Sustainable Software Talks and Latest News about Green Software

Sustainable Software Talks and Latest News About Green Software

In recent months, Apiumhub has hosted insightful sustainable software talks featuring two great speakers addressing the intersection of software engineering and environmental sustainability. Annie Freeman, Green Software advocate and engineer at Xero, delivered a compelling speech titled “How Software Engineers … Read More

Interview with Paola Annis, green software expert

Interview with Paola Annis, Green Software Expert

At Apiumhub, we recently launched an interview series where we engage with green software experts and visionaries to raise awareness about the topic and share some insightful tips. Our first initiative is an interview with Paola Annis, one of the … Read More

Green Tech Best Practices

Green Tech Best Practices

Lately, the Green Software Foundation unveiled a manifesto to reshape the software development culture within the tech industry. Their objective is to make sustainability an integral focus for software teams, on par with performance, security, cost, and accessibility. According to … Read More

Top green software speakers

Top Green Software Speakers

We constantly track new initiatives and projects by the Green Software Foundation and ahead of COP27 in November 2022, GSF launched its Speakers Bureau, a comprehensive catalog of speakers in the area of green software. As the organizers of the … Read More

Sustainable Programming

Sustainable Programming

Sustainable programming refers to the creation of software and applications that are designed and developed with their impact on the environment and society at large in mind. Today, sustainability has become a global concern and a priority for many companies … Read More

green software and carbon hack

Green Software and Carbon Hack 2022

In November 2022, the Green Software Foundation organized its first hackathon, “Carbon Hack 2022,” with the aim of supporting software projects whose objective is to reduce carbon emissions. I participated in this hackathon with the Carbon Optimised Process Scheduler project … Read More

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