!nShelf is a gamification mobile application that can be used by Nestlé employees, their friends and family. The app enables the users to enter the on shelf availability & freshness data (expiry date or batch number) of Nestlé products that are found in stores. For entering the data, the user is rewarded with points that Nestlé will convert into gifts. !nShelf is meant to be used by Customer Facing Supply Chain Managers in order to improve the availability & freshness of Nestlé’s product in stores. Nestle wanted to give more value to the customers, for that we helped them to develope an app from scratch, reusing some parts of the old backend, that allowed the customers to scan the barcode and fresh code from the products at the store. The goal is to keep track of the product’s flow from the shelvings and link it to the sales strategy. Furthermore, the app has the option for the user to add new store where Nestle products are sold that wasn’t in the system before.


The main goal for which Nestle was aiming is to launch an app to improve their product storage.

Technology used

Kotlin, Swift and Nodejs.


Using the latest design guides from both iOS and Android platforms and the use of an MVP pattern based on Clean Architecture, Nestle obtained a robust app with which the users can scan the products at the stores and win prizes. Obtaining a better customer value.


What we did

Business Impact

Apiumhub and Nestlé have a long successful relationship, and in 2023 Nestlé has trusted us once again with a new project, OSCAR.

OSCAR is a platform that is available to any Nestlé employee to propose and track improvement ideas for the processes within Nestlé. Using this platform allows Nestlé to consider proposals to save money, avoid waste and improve business performance at any level of the company. Moreover, OSCAR is a development of a platform to replace an existing software, so it adapts 100% to the workflows of Nestlé.

In addition to this, we have continued leading critical projects such as the Nestlé Supplier Portal and Source to Pay, which are key tools that connect Nestlé with their providers and are instrumental to its supply chain.

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