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Great products require great back-end solutions. We build extensible on-premise and cloud-based back-end solutions for mobile, web, desktop, and IoT systems that scale together with your growing business needs. 

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Users may not see your backend code, but they experience the power of those snippets through the product’s functionality – from payment forms to email opt-ins and social sharing.  We ensure smooth back-end operations for each solution by using advanced, battle-tested technologies and carrying out constant architecture and tech refinement in concert with load testing. We design and develop scalable, fault-tolerant backends for enterprise systems and startups. We can also help you integrate your legacy system with third-party services and apps. Our back-end development team takes care of your app’s server and business logic. We make sure all the necessary data is accurately synchronized across multiple devices and platforms by implementing a powerful backend. Our backend scales, performs fast, integrates seamlessly with third-party services, and provide secure and reliable data storage. We have enormous experience in optimizing existing applications or migrating a legacy system to a new environment. Also, we perform a thorough back-end audit, identify bottlenecks, and revamp infrastructure, architecture, codebase, and data schemas. Key priorities in backend development for us are security, scalability, performance and the application’s long-term evolution. We work with languages that have big market penetration, with an active community and great support, which also allows us to use the two biggest programming paradigms, object oriented and functional: Java, Kotlin, .NET and PHP. Our knowledge of  test- and behavior-driven development, continuous integration, and test automation — allows us to build quality products in a timely fashion. Also, we know that transparency is vital for building great products and relationships. That’s why we update you with project status continuously and ensure you can easily monitor the results at any convenient time.

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Our Backend development team is constantly at the cutting edge of new technologies and up-to-date with the most recent trends in backend web development. We use modern architectural patterns, such as MVP, MVVM, etc. to create mighty and scalable applications with clean, maintainable, and testable code. And we offer post-release support services available for a determined period. Supporting and maintaining a product after launch makes it possible for you to constantly improve the product’s quality to meet the needs of end users.

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