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Agora images is the best mobile app in Spain in 2018. It is the first global image community where customers can buy and sell their pictures with no middlemen, and no commissions. It is a photo app installed in Barcelona, that has become an online marketing channel for the photography industry, companies, and brands.

Agora had already developed an iOS prototype of their app to test the market needs. A while after launching the prototype, they were able to confirm that there was a need in the market for that type of product as it was quite successful and had grown to 10.000 users.


Agora Images was willing to climb up to the next level in terms of traffic volume and performance and to do so, they needed a quick intervention. Apart from having to develop certain features, they needed to develop a stable application due to the fact that the user base was growing.
In July 2018 Agora Images closed 2 million euro financing round. The capital from this round will go towards platform’s improvements and sponsored contests engagement.

technologies used

Android, React.js & Node.js, AWS Lambda, Elasticsearch.


  • Agora was able to raise 2 rounds of funding and get more than 2 million investment
  • The team was able to reach the goals regarding time and functionality
  • Agora has acquired more than 2 million satisfied usersAgora was satisfied with the results and today, we have become their official tech partners to keep collaborating on all the digital product development.


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