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Mercadona is a Spanish supermarket chain. Mercadona has 1,636 stores in all the 17 Spanish regions, Ceuta, Melilla and in Portugal.


Mercadona (IT department) is currently in a transition towards what they call “modernization” of their internal applications and the overall enterprise software architecture.


Together with the new enterprise architecture team, to state the criteria in a clear and precise way. Bring the solution architects team to understand the new architectural concepts in depth. Make the software production process more agile and performant. Put metrics in place to measure both the process and the quality of the software development.


  • Develop new software architecture criteria to help solution architects to design and implement new applications/services, and to renew the legacy ones.

technologies used

  • All the documentation tools and the I+D stack.
  • Java, Spring Boot, Angular, Kafka, PostgreSQL.

What we developed with the Mercadona team


The Enterprise Software Architecture Team has now an external help for better understanding the typical challenges in stating architectural concepts. Mercadona team is very happy with Apiumhub and next year we are starting to work on a new software development project together.

Business Impact

Our first collaboration with Mercadona was related to their takeaway meal system. Our challenge was to develop several microservices and a batch process that allowed Mercadona to onboard new ovens in any supermarket of Spain, and also handled the synchronization of recipe books depending on the zone of the center.

The project took 3 months to complete.

Business impact:

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