MANGO is a clothing design and manufacturing spanish company founded in 1984 in Barcelona. MANGO is one of the leading fashion groups in the world, the company has an extensive store network of 2,200 stores in 109 countries.

Making the app a better one (improving usability and creating a more secure payment process, as example) and opening new markets are key on MANGO’s roadmap.

MANGO is also seeking to improve the franchisees cooperation and ease the process of adding a new franchisee with a new API and a new data model.


MANGO is growing a lot and needs senior profiles to complete their teams and improve the quality of their software, bringing it to the next level. Some sections/divisions where Apiumhub is helping MANGO to exceed are:
  1. Mobile application development
    • Implementation and coordination of AB tests.
    • Implementation of features to increase purchases through the app.
    • Implementation of features to increase user’s satisfaction using the app.
    • Implementation of tools to improve internal resource management.
    • Refactorization of legacy code to be prepared for future challenges.
  2. Payments
    • Integration with new credit card payment provider services.
    • Integration with new alternative post-payment providers.
    • Functional code evangelization.
    • Introduction of new real-time alert systems in accordance with business decision processes.
    • XP programming maturation
  3. Backend Apps
    • Implementation of a CMS to automate the upload of images to the App by business personnel


  • Deliver high quality software reducing time to market.
  • Exceed on performance and quality of MANGO products.
  • Refactor many parts of the existing backend and applications.

technologies used

Java, Kotlin, Docker, BDD, K8s, AWS, Swift.


Mango team is satisfied with the results and works hand in hand with Apiumhub team to launch new features and keep implementing best practices


What we did

Business Impact

Apiumhub has been working with Mango for some years, and it has proved one of the most challenging and fun projects of our company.

We are collaborating closely with Mango on architecture, backend, frontend, iOS, Android and QA.

The latest project we have been involved with is the design and development of the new shopping cart and checkout system of Mango’s online store.

The motivation of this project is to improve the overall user experience and journey, in order to maximize the conversion of the process.

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