Insight: Javascript helps to create a web page more interactive and engaging, which results in better user engagement. Also, with JavaScript, you get an event loop module which can run several different sets of instructions at the same time. We have used Javascript in many projects as Agora ImagesNestlé & Carnovo among others.

Insight: In Apiumhub we believe that TDD is crucial for any project we work on. With TDD we can desing code robust, secure and change tolerant. A good for example using TDD is Privalia.

Insight: We love SOLID in Apiumhub, it helps us to build working software by having low coupling, high cohesion and strong encapsulation.

Insight: In Apiumhub we say that “once you try it, you just stay with it”. Typescript allows code scalability with “Interface oriented development”, also Types make the code more readable.

Insight: Basically what we get with Lenses is to reuse the data access of a structure in a modular and immutable way, either to obtain the data or to modify it. Also, with the composition of Lenses we will be able to reach the most profound data within our structure in a simpler way.


Insight: Despite being widely used today, Webpack is still a black box for many developers who simply use an existing configuration without knowing how it really works. Using Webpack modules we can divide our code into different files, so that each file has a single responsibility, which will make our code much more understandable and easy to test.

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Insight: Functional programming becomes critical when the focus is the ultimate result — what to solve rather than how to solve it. Functional programming leads to a more transparent, cleaner code that helps the user in debugging and maintenance, and is fast becoming the go-to method for developers.


Languages & Frameworks

Insight: By using CSS for style and layout, you only have to adjust one style sheet to make adjustments right across your website. Also, CSS-based websites use simpler and better structured markup (HTML) and are therefore more accessible to search engines. At Apiumhub we have used SCSS (Angular), LESS, CSS-in-JS (React) in many projects.


Insight: Plop is a file generator tool system which allows you to define a script file to generate all the boilerplate files for you.

Insight: Within the context of the Single Responsibility Principle, responsibility is defined as a reason to change. That is why we consider the phrase of Robert C. Martin as a perfect definition of what is the Single Responsibility Pinciple: “A class should have only one reason to change.” By following the single responsibility principle, you make sure that your class or module has high cohesion, which means that your class does not more than what it should do. In short, one unique reason to change.

Insight: Microfrontends replicate the benefits that microservices bring to the server side, but this time directly in front of the final user in his browser. It allows to have more cohesive codebase, simplified maintanence, scalability and independent deploy.

Insight: Redux itself is a standalone library that can be used with any UI layer or framework, including React, Angular, Vue, Ember, and vanilla JS. Although Redux and React are commonly used together, they are independent of each other. In Apiumhub we believe that it encourages good react architecture.
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