Privalia is the leading online-fashion outlet. It was created in 2006 in Barcelona as an online shop, offering daily sales of products from top brands at exceptional prices and exclusively to its registered customers. A team of more than 1000 people all over the world works passionately to inspire people every day to feel better and save money. Privalia is the leader in its 4 markets (Spain, Italy, Brazil and Mexico). With efficiency and innovation, such as its mobile channel, Privalia has managed to obtain more that 34 million registered users around the world over 25.8 Million of downloads of its apps. Privalia was acquired in 2016 by the french vente-privee Group, creator and worldwide leader of the flash sales concept.


For a better study and improvement of his platforms, Privalia thought of realizing a Test A/B. This one was needing of many different tools with decentralized information. Previously the information was calculated in such a way that the margin of mistake was very high, for what they had to look for another method that was allowing them to create hypothesis, to execute experiments and to analyze the results in the same application. Reducing hereby 100 % the time of dedication to these experiments.


His principal goal was to obtain a product centralized of Test A/B by means of which they could carry out all the experiments from the same application (Web, Android or iOS).


  • Adapt Open Source project – Start off from an Open Source solution as project base and extend it with the required functionalities by the Privalia business team.
  • SDKs – Creation of a set of SDKs that work in the same way for different technologies: Frontend, Java, PHP, Android and iOS.

What we did

  • Extend Open Source project to be able to hold Privalia’s needed functionalities.
  • TDD application.
  • Create SDK for Frontend using Flow.
  • Crete SDK for Backend using Kotlin.
  • Create SDK for iOS and Android.


Privalia has a centralized platform from which they can run different A/B Tests.

Technologies used

Kotlin, Flow, Jest, Wallaby

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