Languages & Frameworks

Insight: Using JavaScript for QA purposes has a lot of benefits, especially when you work closely with front-end developers. Fits best when you have projects using Vue, React, Angular frameworks. For the QA perspective, knowing JS basics will let you know: how dynamic and asynchronous UI is build, catch defects from JS console, help dev team working closely on the same tech stack, understanding how modern web applications work, etc. But the main reason using JS due to the dominance of its ecosystem in modern IT world.

Insight: The main benefit of using Cypress is that it fits perfectly for JS projects (Vue, Angular, React). Powerful tool, Cypress as a swiss knife makes easier testing activities for QA Engineers and Front-End developers. Among other pros of using this tool, Cypress is ridiculously fast; allows to execute end-to-end, API, integration tests ; has big community support ; great documentation ;and also easy to learn, specially when it’s you first testing framework.

Insight: Karate is a simple testing framework for REST API Automation. Karate Framework is the only open-source tool to combine API test-automation, mocks and performance-testing into a single, unified framework. The BDD syntax popularized by Cucumber is language-neutral, and easy for even non-programmers. Besides powerful JSON & XML assertions, you can run tests in parallel for speed – which is critical for HTTP API testing.


Insight: Using JMeter has two main benefits, we can test our apis and we can do a performance test of our apis.

Insight: This user interface testing framework allows us to easily write understandable tests, using an implementation of the BDD syntax known as Gherkin. Writing a test with Gherkin is like writing down a feature.

Insight: BDD clearly describes client’s desired behaviour of planned software. BDD mainly focus on collaboration between users, developers and testers. Has a clear skeleton structure: Given, When, Then. BDD covers next problem: gap between understanding of business needs and developer proposition. The software design follows business value.

Insight: The main benefit of NEWMAN is simplicity. Every developer has worked with postman on his local machine, but what if we can abstract from UI and do the same just running API requests in console? Easy for integration with your CI, Newman is a powerful command-line runner for Postman.

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