Adidas case study

Adidas is a global leader in the sporting goods industry, offering a broad portfolio of footwear, apparel and hardware for sport and lifestyle around the core brands adidas and Reebok. Adidas strives to inspire and enable people to harness the power of sport in their lives. Adidas knows that a profound understanding of the consumer and their journey in sport is essential to achieving this goal. To anticipate and respond to their needs, they continuously strive to create a culture of innovation and creativity. Through their portfolio of authentic sports brands, they harness this culture and push the boundaries of products with technology.


Adidas situation

Adidas as a large enterprise starts to have and maintain more and more as web as mobile apps. In order to reduce time and costs for maintenance and in order to standardize the common parts and processes SDKs are created. These SDKs must meet not just one project’s needs but all the ones that rely on it. That’s why the architecture and test coverage: unit testing, integration and functional testing were indispensable.


Adidas goals

It is important to mention that Adidas has decided to build a strong digital team in Zaragoza, where we are helping them reach the most efficient results. They needed our help in order to develop an SDK for iOS and Android, to support all the apps of Adidas as well as for the integrations that would be done by third parties or clients. We are also working with them to support and maintain the infrastructure and their continuous integration system.

Adidas mobile development challenges

  • Timing One of the developed features on the SDK must had been integrated into the new application that Adidas was about to launch.
  • QA process The developed features must had been tested not just on different mobile devices but on different applications as well.
  • Distributed team The project must had been coordinated between different teams distributed in different countries with different time zones.

What we developed with Adidas team

  • Developed UI components for highly customised interfaces
  • Developed components for network communications
  • Customer chat Development as part of the SDKs.
  • Created Jenkins build and deploy jobs
  • Implemented dockers and kubernetes Monitor back end and log systems Issues management and solution


We have been able to develop the needed features in the SDK supporting all the applications and delivering the needed functionalities for the newest Adidas app for iOS and Android platforms.

Technologies used

Android & iOS native development using Java, Swift & Objective-C, docker, kubernetes, grafana


I am quite happy working with Apiumhub because I enjoy working with Agile methodologies as well as working with a company of that size. They can quickly react to changes based on market demands, while always offering the best talent for those technologies. Other than that, the team comes with a big dose of positive energy and enthusiasm to grow and improve the customer’s satisfaction, by thinking creatively and looking ahead. Gerardo Gómez – Mobile development lead at Adidas 


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