B-wom is a company dedicated to empowering women digitally and taking control of their own health and well-being. B-wom offers the support and necessary tools to create preventive and self-care habits to have a positive impact on women’s lives.


With a solid user base and the objective of continuing to launch new functionalities to the market, B-wom needed a technical team to rely on. B-wom already had two apps (iOS and Android) in the market, but they wanted us to give them an integral service: from mobile development to backend.


There were a series of goals that were related to the users of the platform. The priority was the stabilization of the platform and adjustment of the rules of calculation of the vital moment of the woman.


  • Time & Scope – Being a growing application, deadlines are usually set in advance, but the scope may vary depending on the feedback of users. Therefore, along with the scope, the variable that could be adapted to be able to meet the deadlines is the team. A flexible team was needed that could respond to new challenges.
  • Reliability & performance – In the current product, the correct functioning of the payment system and contracted service is essential and is taken for granted by the users. Therefore, it was extremely important to make sure that there are no failures in these parts of the app.

What we developed with the B-wom team

  • We implemented the new Coach Questionnaire system.
  • Remodeling the timeline in mobile applications.
  • Remodeling the questionnaires of the coach in mobile applications.
  • Guarantee the functioning of the payment system in mobile applications.
  • Implement rule notes in mobile applications.
  • Implement the flow of emotions in mobile applications.


As a result, we managed to meet the deadlines with the proposed milestones. And now we continue working and iterating on a product already in production.


Java, PHP, Swift and Kotlin

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