Dexeus is a leading women’s health center in Spain that provides care for women and that includes all of the services while offering great comfort and personalised attention.

Dexeus software architecture goals

Dexeus has multiple internal applications. Being medical data, they are to be considered critical systems. The goal was to set up with our help a set of practices that would enable the applications to evolve safely on the long term.

What we did together with Dexeus team

  • Setup the software architecture, static analysis and automation infrastructure
  • Architecture documentation
  • Introduced the team to the following practices: Test driven development, modelling and domain driven design
  • Support to system migrations (database version control, cross browsing and ASP to PHP, systems)
  • Setting of continuous integration servers
  • Performance testing & help on fixing performance issues
  • Generic problem solving

Technologies used

PHP, ASP, TypeScript , SQL Server, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, LESS & Bootstrap, C#, Angular 4 , Java, PowerShell


We believe that Apiumhub has a highly qualified team specialized in software architecture and software development. They helped us introduce best practices to the team and enabled the applications to evolve safely in the long term. Other than that, they are professional in infrastructure automation, architecture documentation, system migrations, TDD, DDD and CI implementation. We have a long-term collaboration with Apiumhub and we are very happy about it because they focus on scalability, performance and cost reduction. 

Ricard Bernat Martinez-Hidalgo  –  CIO at Dexeus 

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