Grifols is a global healthcare company that produces and markets plasma-derived medicines, hospital products and diagnostic and testing equipment designed to improve the health and well-being of patients around the world.

Grifols software architecture goals

Grifols has a critical medical software of automation with very strict quality processes. Also, the existing code base is large and complex. The purpose of our work was to reduce the amount of critical errors in the final application and also to reduce the cost of fixing the errors in production. It implied introducing automation testing at all levels: TDD methodology, unit testing, functional tests, visual interface tests.

What we did together with Grifols team:

  • Introduce & coach unit testing, TDD and integration testing to the team (Java, C++)
  • Resolved performance issues
  • Modelling of the architecture by using domain driven design
  • Applied DevOps best practices

Technologies used

Java & C++


Our experience is very positive and we hope to continue collaborating with Apiumhub. 

Xavier Montesinos IH Software Project Manager at Grifols 

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